How to design your game room?

A game room is an extraordinary piece of everybody’s home, not only for the children but rather for the whole family. It is great if you could have a room loaded with game tables like a foosball table, ping pong table, billiard or even Play Station or other gaming consoles. It is not impossible if you already own one room at home which you don’t utilize.  If you aren’t sure where to put it I would definitely recommend the cellar.  After all, it is the most popular place for a game room. But, do you know how you can design a game room in your home? I want to share with you important steps which will help you in your task of making a game room:

Measure wanted room

It is not enough to look at the room and imagine where you would put the furniture; you have to measure the room. That will enable you to compose the space without too big furniture. You can isolate the gaming tables away from the TV region and, if there is a room, you can put a hangout region. That way you can play on the foosball table in one corner and chat with your companions in the other. Just make sure that you have the space for it.

Think about the design of the room

When you first enter the room, it will be an empty space which means you can start from scratch. The thing about the wall color and the position of the lights in the room. Keep the color bright and light if you are in the cellar because most cellars don’t have big windows. That way the room will feel bigger and brighter, not like the dungeon. Likewise, you can play with the lighting. Put the light on the game tables which will be better for the match, yet keep the TV zone darker. That way you can utilize it as your cinema too.

Equip the room

Now that the walls and the lights are done, you can finally start equipping the room. If you want to have a game table, I suggest a foosball table. It takes less space than billiard. Remember that you require around 3-5 feet space for a foosball table. In the computer games territory, you can pick the diversion seats which are intended for this specific circumstance. They are useful for your back and you won’t feel cramped when you stand up. The TV zone (or the cinema region) is the best to load with additional sofa, easy chair or tabouret. Remember to put some delicate covers on the motion picture night.

AS you can see, you don’t need much for making your dream room come true. The only thing that will keep the process painless is a good organization. That is why it is always better to divide your work into steps you can see in the article.

 Author bio: Mark is a blogger who has a blog about foosball. On that blog he expounds on the foosball world, from fundamental things like how to play foosball to the more confused things like how to pick your foosball table and how to look after it. All that you can read on his blog called Foosball Zone.


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