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Financial Reports

Homeowners Association financials are extremely important to providing sound management. Financial reports must be on time and accurate. There should also be a window of time allotted for financials to be delivered. The amount of time should be between the 15-and the 20th of each month. Having a sound Financial report is a key to understanding the financial position of your HOA. Without a good financial report decisions cannot be properly made and emergencies can be disastrous.

What is the back ground of your financial and accounting team, is there an internal auditing process in place. If not there should be. Financials are so important to each HOA that these items of importance must not be overlooked. Is a yearly audit from a 3rd party firm being initiated? Are the treasure and president reviewing financials each month? Are there things missing from your financial report? If you send a question to your current property manager are the able to answer it? Are late fees applied properly? are collections being handled?  If these questions cannot be answered then call PSCG today, our experts can help navigate through your current financial situation and bring you through the issues to a place a stability and security.

Financial reports should include the following:

  • A/R Report
  • Monthly PnL
  • Year to date PnL
  • Cash flow statement
  • Cash disbursement journal
  • Delinquency report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Detail Summary Report
  • Check detail
  • Deposit detail
  • Copies of paid invoices
  • Bank Statements

If your not getting these items each month, you may have a problem, for proper financial management contact PSCG today!

By: Puget Sound Condo Group

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