Making Your Home Hazard-Free

We work so hard making savings towards owning a home such that when we buy the home, we forget to make it a haven. It is important to take note of unsafe conditions within the home and repair them in time before a hazard strikes. For instance, it takes one fire to realize that you should have replaced that smoke detector that broke a few years back. The most common accidents in the home include falls, poisoning, fires, choking, and drowning. It is important to take care of broken fixtures around the home that will lead to such accidents.



Doctors’ worldwide report having treated majority of injuries from falls making it one of the most common household hazards within the home. Falls arise from having slippery floors, scattered toys, and slippery stairs. Falls cause potentially risky injuries to the brain, bones and the spine. It is important to minimize falling risks by stabilizing the staircases by having handrails installed. Ensure adequate lighting to prevent one missing a step. Secure the bathroom by having proper drainage of water to prevent water slipping out causing wet floors. Install non-slip stickers on the bathroom floor to prevent slipping on wet floors. Have a secure storage place for children toys to avoid adults tripping on toys that are lying around the home. Clear clutter in the outdoors that may cause injuries to children as they play outdoors.



Majority of house maintenance and cleaning supplies pose poisoning hazards to your family. Always store medications out of children’s reach. Secure paints, chemicals, and detergents in areas away from the foods. Have latches and locks on doors of storage cabinets or rooms containing hazardous personal products such as soaps, hair products, and body products and ensure to dispose of correctly their empty containers after use.



Fires cause devastating damage to your home including the loss of life to both humans and their pets. It is necessary to install some fixtures that will help prevent a fire becoming uncontrollable. Ensure that all electrical wires are unfrayed and unplug electrical appliances when not in use. Avoid overloading electrical outlets by plugging the right appliance in the right outlet. Have a fire alarm and smoke detector installed in your home and change the batteries regularly. Also, consider having a fire extinguisher installed in the home especially near the kitchen and regularly check that it is in good working condition.



Research indicates that chocking is the fourth largest cause of accidental deaths. Chocking is scary, and therefore one should arm themselves with information about chocking to keep the family safe. Keep your home safe by inspecting children’s small toys to avoid swallowing. Cut up foods into small pieces that can be easily chewed by children and ensure to supervise the kids during playtime.



There are rising cases of deaths through drowning in the bathtubs. Keep buckets locked up after use. Always close the toilet lid and never leave the child unsupervised during swimming and bathing.  

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