A Day Snowed In, How Will you Spend It?

shutterstock_119367586Many of us have experienced snow and have learned to either love it or hate it. As a kid, I grew up in a place that never saw snow. I think the only record we had of snow flakes was years before I was even thought of (as my father would say). It wasn’t until I hit my teen years when I saw snow for the first time. You can imagine that I was a little excited. I remember playing with my brothers for hours, we made a snowman, had a snowball fight, and even walked to the grocery store to explore. I was a kid at heart loving this new pure white flakes that covered as far as I could see. Unlike my experience, others could easily have a hatred for snow. I realize now the bad effects snow can bring. Some people still have to make it to work or are in need of toilet paper, yet cannot drive anywhere. Schools shut down, which means kids are having to remain cooped up in their home. One can only play so much in the snow before they get too cold or too tired. This simply means, we have to figure out things to do in our home before we go crazy.

Here are a some fun things to do when your family is enclosed in your home:

  1. Make a fort – gather all the blankets and chairs from around the house and build a fort. Make it large enough for the whole family to join in. The best forts have tons of pillows and Christmas lights hanging from the roof. You can play a board game or have storytime. Forts make everything fun.
  2. Make snow cream – I have never tried this before, but I have heard snow cream is tasty. Follow this link for a recipe that will make you wanting more snow and more snow cream.
  3. Organize the house – Now that you have the time and the whole family is there, consider having a winter cleaning. You may have a closet full of boxes or clothes that need to be organized and taken to thrift shops. A snow day is just the day to finish up some projects that you did not have time for before.
  4. Watch movies – This is my favorite. Catching up on movies sounds like the perfect day to me. Most of us have Netflix, with an enormous amount of movies ready to be watched.

Overall, make a snow day the best day! Think of it as time spent being productive or just hanging with the family. Be safe if you need to go out and enjoy the days spent snowed in.