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Taking a Proactive Approach to Workplace Safety and Health

Work-related accidents and injuries impact the workplace in different levels. Aside from the effect on the employee’s health condition, these incidents could create a huge dent in overall company productivity. The medical fees and legal implications also add to the list of potential costs following an incident. 

Ensuring overall health and safety in the workplace is a team effort. However, business owners are obligated by law to ensure government regulations are properly followed. With this in mind, implementing a proactive approach and mindset could benefit both management and workers in several ways. 

Compensation and Injury Trends

The Australian Workers’ Compensation data show comparative trends on types of injuries and diseases, time lost, as well as claims and compensation. The report shows that around 90 percent of claims filed in 2014 to 2015 involve musculoskeletal conditions and other related injuries. Most common cases reported include traumatic joint/ligament and muscle/tendon conditions. Meanwhile, diseases constitute 10 percent of claims filed during that period.

In terms of industry impact, healthcare and social assistance have filed the most claims during the reporting years. Around 32 percent of the overall claims filed involve muscular stress. Falls and other related incidents constitute 23 percent of the overall cases filed during the same period. 

Compensation and time lost trends also indicate increases during specific reporting cycles. From 2000 to 2001 and 2013 to 2014, compensation payments by companies increased by 94 percent on average. Trends on time-loss as a result of injury and other incidents also increased by 33 percent during the same period. 

Preventive and Information-Driven Programs

It should be company policy for everyone to know and understand the standards and regulations on occupational health and safety. Instituting a program that would inform and train workers could help in creating a safe environment within the workplace. Groups such as Work Active specialize in this type of in-house service.

Aside from safety standards, the training should include ways to address ergonomic concerns and office furniture standards. It should also involve training employees on proper posture to prevent back strain and other injuries while doing manual work. The training module should also cover safety reporting procedures. 

On-Site Physiotherapy and Other Services

Bringing a physiotherapist to the office allows employees to access services without leaving their work. Well-established companies have invested in physiotherapy, massage, and other wellness programs to provide their employees with more options. By bringing the professional therapist to the workplace, rates of absenteeism is reduced by ensuring service access to employees. 

With the cooperation of company management, a room could be set aside for the physiotherapy session. Typically, companies should set-aside space since the procedure requires patient comfort. This also ensures privacy to the employee requiring the service. 

Companies are encouraged to take a proactive stand in promoting overall health and wellness in the workplace. Investing in a preventive program for building a healthy and well-protected workforce could definitely benefit everyone involved in the company. From a long-term perspective, it certainly makes good business sense to invest in therapy, training, and other programs.

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