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What to Do When Board Members Turn Against Your HOA

Those part of a homeowners association must put a lot of trust in the HOA’s board members for holding up the success of the association and being good leaders. But what do you do if things don’t go so smoothly behind the scenes? What if some of your board members don’t see eye-to-eye — or worse yet, what if they start to rebel against the association?

Board Responsibilities

As an HOA board member, you’re responsibilities to the association are vast. Taking on the board position means you have a fiduciary duty to make choices that positively affect the association those who are members of it. It also means setting personal interests aside, protecting the confidentiality of owners, and always make decisions on the board within the law and for the betterment of the association in every aspect.

First and foremost, it’s important for each board member to understand their duties at all times so there’s no confusion about what’s expected. The problem happens when board members understand their duties and responsibilities yet choose to not fulfill them.

Examples of Board Member Problems

It might start with a board member wanting to hire contractors for the HOA just because they know them — even if the workers aren’t the properly insured or aren’t the best price for the association. Or maybe another member complains about every decision made that wasn’t his or her suggestion until the rest of the board members are worn down. Or, heaven forbid, sometimes several board members have even banded together to rebel against the association. For example, they might decide not to pay their monthly maintenance fee.

What You Can Do

If you have board members who have gone to the dark side and just aren’t serving their duties anymore, it’s time to take action. Talk to your HOA manager, and if the problem is just with one board member, they can consult with your other directors and come to a decision that best serves the association’s interest. Sometimes the other board members will just need a reminder that the offending board member doesn’t hold the full authority to act as they are. Ultimately, you can come to a vote to remove the member who isn’t upholding their duties.

As an HOA board member, you’ve hopefully experienced mostly great fellow board members who care about their association. But if that’s not the case, know that you can take action if needed. And hiring a homeowners association management company can help too.

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