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Management Companies

Having a partnership with our site allows you to increase exposure and maximize your advertising dollars. Hundreds of the industry leading management companies use our service each year to grow and increase the exposure of their business to those searching for potential new management service providers. Our flat-rate, simple and budget friendly partnership solution allows your management company to be listed on our website and connect with potential new associations who are searching for your services. This partnership also allows to receive these leads at a one-time annual cost vs. paying per lead based on size and type. Many management companies have realized that word of mouth and traditional advertising methods won’t provide the lead generation they need to continue strong growth. In additional, new advertising methods like pay per click or pay per lead have the potential to drive up advertising cost over time.


Many vendor services are provided to community associations. Our vendor partnership program allows you to connect directly to Board members and volunteers who are now more involved in the vendor selection process than ever before. While management companies help suggest vendors, many associations also are researching and looking for potential service providers. In additional, self managed communities are solely responsible for the review and selection of potential service providers. Listing with our website allows you to focus on this exciting and growing industry and tie your brand to our popular and well-known service. Helping you connect to community managers, Board of Directors and Community Committee Volunteers ensure you are ahead of the pack as they review budget dollars for the services and products you provide.

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