Architectural Review

Can the HOA Board Change Its Decision in PA?

Denying Request for a Weather Camera

EV Charging Stations in Florida HOAs

Architectural Changes in Wisconsin

Can an HOA Regulate Outdoor Furniture in Hawaii?

Newly Passed Rules in New Jersey HOA

Responsibility of Violation From a Previous Owner in NC

House Generators in HOA in Florida

Color Schemes for HOAs in Nevada

Are Dog Pens Improvements?

Putting in a Shed in Texas HOA

Neighbor Approval for ARC Applications in Nevada

Powers of ARB in Virginia HOA

Waiting Period for ARC Decisions in WA HOAs

Does the ACC Answer to the HOA Board?

Process for Solar Approval in California HOA

Amending Declarations in Minnesota HOAs

Installing Pavers Without Seeking HOA Approval

Can My HOA Regulate the Placement of HVAC Units in Arizona?

Changing the Interior of a Unit in Virginia

Selective Enforcement on Building a Deck in Maryland HOA

Can a Colorado Condo Regulate Balconies?

HOA Prohibiting Security Door Installation in Tennessee

HOA Charging Architectural Review Fee in SC

Installing a Swim Spa in an HOA in Indiana

How to Get Permission to Extend Driveway in Texas HOA

Stopping a Neighbor from Building a Patio in CA

Architectural Review Process in Florida HOA

Modifications Need Signature of Attached Owner

How to Fight Wrong Violation in HOA

Annexation of Adjoining Lot into the HOA

Unapproved Architectural Changes in a Home

Rights of Homeowners Regarding HOA Complaints on Architectural Changes

Deadline for HOA Response to Architectural Request in Texas

Timeline for Architectural Change Approval

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in Nevada HOAs

Enforcement of Lawn Changes for Florida HOAs

HOA Restrictions on Plants in West Virginia

Replacing Defective Windows in Colorado HOA

Selective Enforcement in California HOA

Plant Restrictions in Louisiana HOA

Architectural Review in North Carolina HOA

HOA Board Overriding the Architectural Committee

Maryland Architectural Review Approval Timeline

Response Time of ARC in Maryland HOA

Selective Enforcement of ACC in Virginia

HOA Asks to Remove a Shed Built in Another Location

Hawaii Board Regulating Interior Improvements

Changing Board Involvement in Architectural Review in Nevada

New Board Changing Old Board’s Approval

Architectural Approval Taking Too Long

Can Architectural Rule Changes Apply Retroactively?

HOA Board Won’t Allow Tile Contractors

Yurts in Alabama HOAs

Can the HOA Restrict Awnings in Michigan?

What Constitutes a Sign?

Appropriation of HOA Property to Select Homeowners

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