Business and Real Estate Management (BRE Mgt)

Superior HOA Asset & Property Management knowledge, customer service, and results across multiple classes for HOAs, their members, advisors, and vendors for the following HOA services:


* HOA Asset and Property Management & Consulting

* HOA Accounting and Bookkeeping

* HOA Banking

* HOA Financial Management, Member Invoicing, & Complex Budgeting

* HOA and Member Insurance

* HOA Legal Collections & Advice

* HOA Corporate Tax Management

* HOA and Member Tenant Improvement and Construction Management and Consulting

* HOA Governing documents review, advice, and enforcement

* HOA Area, Element and Pieces Management

* HOA Vendor Management

* HOA Corporate Entity Startup & Oversight

* HOA Due Diligence & Compliance Review

* HOA Member and Board Meetings Process Completion (We prepare, run, and follow up on meetings for)

* HOA Credit Accumulation (particularly important for smaller HOAs)

* Apartment to Condo Conversion Consulting

* Specialized HOA Member Wealth Management (Don’t lose out on your rights, benefits, and savings as an HOA member)

* Member Loans and Refinancing

* HOA Members’ Business’ Advertising/Marketing Services (Don’t lose out on your rights and benefits as an HOA member)

* Much more………..


We have all the tools the large management companies have and the specialized knowledge, superior customer service, specialized services, and non-bureaucratic adaptability only a boutique firm can provide.


Services can be purchased separately or as discounted packaged units.  Also ask us about our guarantee.

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