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Are you tired of being a homeowner’s association volunteer board member and having to run the day-to-day operations? Looking to bring on a professional team that can handle your community for you? Horizon Professional Services is the group for you. Our highly-skilled team can handle every aspect of your HOA, including bookkeeping and accounting services, invoicing, managing security and grounds maintenance, directly answering phones and e-mails, building and maintaining your website and social media, and so much more! Let us take the burden from your shoulders and make your HOA the best it has ever been!

Here’s a glimpse at what Horizon can do for your Homeowner’s Association:

Administrative Services
• Establish phone number with auto-attendance
• Establish website domain and e-mail address
• Construct website and member database services
• Send invoices, collect dues, and track using Quickbooks software
• Utilize electronic and print file storage

• Provide website and social media updates as needed
• Produce monthly e-newsletters for occasional homeowner communication
• Produce e-alert e-mails for quick homeowner communication
• Send letters to homeowners for specific communication needs
• Send covenant violation letters as needed for identified issues
• Speak one-on-one with homeowners who “call-in” with issues or questions

Facilities and Security
• Manage all maintenance and improvement contracts, including landscaping, pools, clubhouses, and other facilities
• Supervise contractors and ensure quality work
• Research improved contracts for association services
• Coordinate with local power companies for streetlight replacements
• Advise on security camera placement, usage, and maintenance
• Supervise and, if needed, hire security staff

Board Meetings
• Develop and print agenda, minutes and financial reports for each board meeting
• Attend board meetings and assist with questions and needs

Horizon Professional Services is a fully licensed and insured management company dedicated to serving homeowner’s associations and professional associations.

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