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Our Level I package provides the basics.  Your neighborhood receives a free website that provides the basic information needed by homeowners, potential buyers, real estate professionals, title companies and others interested in your neighborhood.  We keep a database of information on the HOA.  We keep a name and address list (plus any other information the homeowners wish) for invoicing and other mailouts.  We follow up the invoices with reminder notices and file liens if needed.  Level I provides the basics but most of our customers choose Level II or Level III.

  • Prepare and mail Invoices or proivde Coupon books
  • Pursue delinquent accounts
  • File liens
  • Deposit dues payments
  • Act as the Associations registered agent
  • Act as contact with title company for all dues request letters
  • Obtain and keep permanent file of signed acknowledgment letters
  • Prepare and deliver to Board a monthly report showing: (i) Status of delinquent accounts, (ii) Detail of deposits made that month, and Name and address of new homeowners
  • Furnish information to Buyers at closings
  • Free Website containing copies of important documents


Our Level II package is by far the most popular.  In addition to all the Level I services NSC will also pay all bills approved by you to be paid (with your money, of course).  We provide a wide range of financial and accounting reports every month in the Monthly Managers Report. Keep a database of owners names, property address, mailing address, account number, phone numbers, email addresses, date purchased and sold, prior owners name, amounts invoiced and amounts paid including the ability to print out an account history.  This package allows the Board to focus on the neighborhood and eliminates the need for laborious and time consuming record keeping.

  • Assist Treasurer with preparation of Annual budget
  • Pay approved bills
  • Prepare and submit a Monthly Managers Report including a Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Detail of Checks and Deposits, Budget vs Actual and more
  • Prepare and mail notices of annual meeting including proxies
  • Attend and assist the Board with preparation for annual meeting
  • Retain and store copies of all corporate records
  • Prepare and file Form 1120H (annual tax return) & 1099s
  • Prepare and mail letters regarding covenant violations (separate fee applies)
  • Access to our maintenance staff (bonded and insured)


Many neighborhoods and almost all condominium properties want our Level III full management services.  Full management means we are totally involved in the management of your neighborhood.  At Level III your first call is to us.  You get our 24 hour emergency line to a maintenance department.  We obtain bids, conduct depreciation/replacement analysis of your improvements, supervise contractors and much much more.  At Level III we are in the “maintenance loop.”

  • NSC is in the “maintenance loop.”
  • We obtain bids for repairs and maintenance, security, insurance, lawn contracts, etc.
  • Supervise contractors
  • Take maintenance calls from homeowners.
  • Provide form contracts for use by the Association.
  • Conduct “walk-throughs” of the property
  • Mmake recommendations to the Board as to current and future maintenance needs.
  • Develop 5 year repair and replacement reserve study.
  • Provide maintenance services on an as needed – when needed basis (labor bill at current rates; parts, materials and supplies will be billed at our cost).
  • Utilize NSC’s 24 hour 7 day a week emergency phone service.
  • Write letters regarding violations of neighborhood rules and property restrictions.
  • Meet with the Board during business hours as needed.


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