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Your decision to volunteer as a Board Member probably wasn’t based on dealing with the hassles, obstacles and clerical work running a community requires. Let PMI North Atlanta’s experienced staff and proven, flexible systems handle the day-to-day details of your community’s affairs. Our goal is to ensure that serving on the Board is a pleasant experience, by handling the overwhelming and unnecessarily time-consuming tasks for you.



PMI North Atlanta, with over 30 years of accounting experience, will ensure the accuracy of your books and records. Timely financial reporting is prepared and communicated to board members each month. Budgets and reserve analyses will be sensible and forward-thinking. Boards and residents will appreciate our responsive, local service allowing them to fully understand HOA finances.

Communication Tools
Each community receives a customized website to keep track of events, community documents, resident roster, ACC/ARC forms, closing letters and amenity scheduling; providing a means to establish effective communication. This site can be customized based on the needs and desires of the Board.


PMI North Atlanta will review your community covenants and by-laws and then working with the Board, create an action hierarchy designed to ensure compliance consistent with the intention of the documents. Our systems allow for clear and timely communication of violations and when necessary, assesses fines accordingly.


The bottom line is that PMI will be a full partner, providing the back-office staffing and expertise a Board needs to manage a community without undue stress. We provide the Board of a smaller community the care and resources enjoyed by larger communities.

A Few of Our Professional Services

  • Accurate bookkeeping and financial services
  • Processing of Architectural Compliance Forms
  • Providing support to tax preparation firm to ensure proper filings
  • Oversight of risk management and any insurance claims
  • Creation, maintenance & reconciliation of community bank accounts
  • Analyze by-laws and CC&Rs to create effective communication and adherence.
  • Closing letters for resale and refinancing are provided
  • Liaison with community attorneys whenever situations require
  • Vendor relationships that can offer group-pricing to community residents
  • Build an effective email structure to provide excellent communication between residents, the Board and PMI North Atlanta
  • And so much more!


Excerpt from Referral Letter

I have been the HOA President of LongPointe for over 10 years and was President in three previous communities, both large and small, collectively adding another 10 years of experience.  Many of the Management Companies we had contracted were larger corporations and supplied mediocre service at best with little or no attention to detail. None have given us the personal and professional service that David has provided since we hired him in September of this year.  We have discussions on a daily basis and he is always available by phone or by email to address any board, neighborhood, covenant or homeowners concerns or questions… …His contact with our community has been professional and caring.

Jim Kaza, Board President – LongPointe HOA (61 homes)

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