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PMI South Bay is part of Property Management Inc. with over 200 locations while serving over 19,000 residential and HOA properties nationwide.

We are committed to creating value for our clients by maintaining cost-effective operations and delivering superior levels of service. We pride ourselves for our experience and expertise in the management of multiple unit dwellings as well as multiple unit associations.

We perform the following services to the HOA in conjunction with this assignment:

Association Dues
• Manage collection of HOA monthly dues
• Provide ability for homeowners to submit dues payment online
• Send late notices, legal notices and coordinate any legal activity
Accounting & Internal Controls
• Accounts payable disbursements generated
• Accounts payable disbursement checks to be signed by Board members
• Disbursement checks delivered to designated board members
• Provide monthly financial statement with budget variances
• Provide monthly bank reconciliation
• Prepare annual budget
• Board members will have ability to view property performance and track
dues payments through an owner portal on our website
• Management of all maintenance and repair activity on the property
• Management of all vendors performing maintenance and repair on the property
• Will ensure that vendors are licensed, bonded and reputable in State of California
• Perform regular property visits
• Provide construction and project repair oversite
• Maintain a 3 bid process to support management of contruction and projects
• Attend HOA Board meetings and communicate current specifics
• Constant communication with Board in between meetings via email
• Annual insurance review

Our focus is on continual improvement of the value we bring to stakeholders, and especially property owners. Communication and relationships are the basis for the real estate industry and we continually focus on these elements. We have a true understanding of what it takes to stand out in the industry.

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