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Since 1990, Henderson Association Management, a RealManage Family of Brands Company, has been committed to offering exceptional Community Association Management services in the Charlotte Metro area. Below is a concise summary of our community association services.

Management Services

  • Preparation of needed information for scheduled Board meetings.
  • Notification of an attendance at annual Association meetings.
  • Periodic vendor contract review to insure highest cost effectiveness of contractor services.
  • Assistance in drafting of annual budget.
  • Inspections and subsequent follow up to insure compliance with governing documents.
  • Response to all inquiries and requests from members through our highly trained Community Services personnel.
  • Coordinate community website hosting, design and technical support.
  • Comprehensive training program for new Board Members.

Accounting Services

  • Receipt and banking of all assessment payments.
  • Aggressive collection of delinquent assessments.
  • Timely management of Accounts Payable.
  • Preparation and disbursement of monthly financial reports.
  • Coordination of legal process pertaining to the collection of assessments
  • Facilitate performance of annual audit by independent auditor chose by the Board.

Maintenance Services

  • Coordination of the maintenance and repair of Common Elements of the property.
  • Solicitation of bids for maintenance not performed by the Management firm.
  • Supervision of maintenance and repairs of Common Elements and Capitol Reserve projects.
  • Twenty-four hour emergency services available to all homeowners.
  • Submit to Board recommendations for preventative maintenance.
  • Performance of scheduled inspections of the property’s Common Elements

To learn more about the many ways Henderson Association Management. can meet your Community Association Management needs or if you are interested in obtaining more information about Henderson Association Management. and our Association Management Team, contact us today.

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