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The experts in single-family HOA management. Find out what the lime is all about. We provide “Refreshingly Different” HOA Management. But what does this mean? 

We focus on three core principles to deliver outstanding service to you and your homeowners: Customer Service, Communication, Expertise.

How we focus on these three core principles is through departmentalization and many other policies meant to orient us towards the homeowners needs. 

Traditionally, community management is fulfilled by one single person who is responsible for all of the work of a certain association. We believe that approach is flawed and is entirely too much for one person to handle, even with an assistant. That’s why we’ve changed it. With Spectrum, you have an entire team of highly trained and focused individuals dedicated to your account. On that team, you have one main person assigned to exceeding the requests and expectations of your board. Let us show you how our philosophy of departmentalized service can keep your homeowners happy. Once you see how we’re different, we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

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