City of Champions, the Olde Towne, Beantown, America’s Walking City, The Cradle of Liberty, The Athens of America, The City on a Hill, and The Puritan City are just some of the many nicknames people have, through the years, given to one of the most famous cities in the nation – Boston. Close to 700 thousand souls call Boston their home and numerous HOA vendors in Boston Massachusetts call the city their reason for existence. This is because the city is also known as the world’s leader in entrepreneurship and innovation, home to about 2,000 startup businesses. Its economy is largely driven by finance, biotechnology, government activities, information technology, and business and professional services for which association management vendors are rightfully classified. Boston is also a world leader when it comes to investment and environmental sustainability. It remains a favorite city to live in not only by Americans but by foreign nationals as well.

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