Famed for the very colorful and highly festive annual Ostrich Festival, the city of Chandler also has a variety of attractions that are visited all-year round by local and international tourists alike. The Sonoran Desert landscape of the Veterans Oasis Park as well as the Desert Breeze Park play host to thousands of tourists year in and year out. Although Chandler has long been considered an agricultural economy, having subsisted on corn throughout the early parts of the 19th century, it has since then moved towards high tech industries as its principal movers. With names such as Intel, Microchip, and Verizon Wireless having satellite offices in Chandler, it is not surprising that the city experienced a growth spurt in its population especially in the 1990s. Today, some 247,000 Chandlerites call this city their home which HOA vendors in Chandler Arizona are more than happy to serve.

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