Condo Associations Should Address These Condo Gym Complaints Right Away

Condo gym complaints may often rank low in the list of priorities for HOA boards. However, HOA managers may be surprised to know just how important residents regard their condominium gyms. A well-kept gym room is one of the first things condo owners expect nowadays. Plus, given the state of gyms these days, condo owners now expect a certain level of quality to their gym. Here’s why condo associations should consider condo gym complaints a priority.

Condo Gym Complaints: Waste No Time Addressing These Issues

One of the most popular condo amenities is a gym. And, residents are often looking for more than just a simple gym; they want a spacious, well-equipped, and properly maintained area.

Within the last decade or so, it’s become more important to residents that they have access to a high-quality exercise room or gym as health consciousness has increased. Community members appreciate not having to spend extra money on a membership or traveling to a gym for a workout.

A recent study shows that a majority of condo residents nowadays consider condo gym complaints as a top issue. That’s a dramatic shift from decades ago when condo owners are not as figure-conscious as they were. Nowadays, a condo without a gym room is unthinkable.

Condos also can’t just designate a corner as a gym, put in some basic equipment, and call it a day. Residents now expect their condo gyms to be on par or even better than the membership gyms that are sprouting up everywhere.

A condo can’t just put up a gym without planning. It needs to consist of modern machines and equipment. It needs to have plenty of space, yet have some aesthetic appeal as well. Most importantly, it needs to be clean and well maintained.

Despite condo developers making gyms more of a priority, managers still receive a lot of complaints about the quality of equipment, the size, and hours of the facilities. Here are some of the most common complaints that condo association management receives about their community’s gyms:

1. Limited Hours and Overcrowding

clock face on red background | condo gymMany condo gyms are open sometime between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. Even though this seems like a lot, a lot of the time they are very crowded.

So, residents often complain about hour restrictions and think that the gyms should be open 24 hours.

The issue between limited condo gym hours and overcrowding is related. The fewer hours that a gym is open, the less choice the residents have when it comes to their gym schedules. Plus, some residents like to use the gym at a leisurely pace. That can lead to a line of grumpy people waiting their turn to use the gym facilities.

Another issue with limited gym hours is the way they are set up within the day. If your condominium gym is only open until 11 p.m., that leaves less than six hours for those that are working from 9 am to 5 pm. Again, that leads to possible overcrowding issues as the after-work crowd comes streaming in during the evening.

Condo management also needs to ensure that their gym is adequate for the number of residents that they have. The more units that a condo building has, the larger the gym should be. If your gym is still getting full, your condo association may also need to consider expanding the condo gym as well.

It’s hard to dedicate enough room for a gym when there are a lot of users, but it’s worth considering if that’s an option. If anything, take some time to invest in planning for a larger gym area. Just be sure to calculate the number of units in your building when planning the square footage and the amount of equipment that would be sufficient.

2. Limited Condo Gym Equipment

One of the biggest complaints is about overcrowding and therefore not enough equipment available. Because the busiest time is 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. or 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., it doesn’t leave much time for those wanting to fit in a workout before or after work if all of the equipment is in use. No one wants to wait 10 minutes or more to use a machine.

A similar complaint is the lack of variety when it comes to condo gym equipment. Is your condo gum just a large weight room? Some residents may not like the fact that all you have are treadmills, with not one stationary bike insight. Make sure the foundation of your gym is high-quality, durable, and modern equipment. The machines should also be easy to use for all types of residents.

It’s a good idea to check out the membership gyms in your area and take note of the popular gym equipment they have. So if your condo association budget allows for it, you have a good idea of how to expand the variety of your condo gym equipment.

3. Poor Condo Gym Maintenance and Management

gym maintenance | condo gymIt’s not hard to figure out why residents expect exercise rooms and gyms that are well-maintained. The problem is that constant use of the facilities can make the upkeep of equipment difficult.

But, you want to make sure that the space is clean overall and the machines are maintained and usable. Some of the most common complaints include bad smells and poor ventilation.

And make sure your property manager has regular schedules to check for lighting, ventilation, and that the space is always clean. Also, leave cleaning supplies and sanitation stations so residents can help with the upkeep. The problem can be that condo residents living near the gym may experience noise disturbances at late hours. What the community should do is look at solutions for noise reduction and sound-proof the gym.

Get Help For Your Condo Gym Maintenance and Planning Needs

Not everyone is familiar with the technical aspects of fitness training. Plus, certain condo gym complaints may call for specialized solutions. So when you start getting condo gym complaints, make sure you have the expert help you need!



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