El Paso in Texas has all the right to be called ‘the pass’ since it stands right on the mighty Rio Grande, a bulwark if you may, standing guard overlooking Mexico just on the other side of the river. It is also because of its unique geopolitical location that 4 out of 5 El Paso residents are of Latino or Hispanic origins. You’d also be glad to know that El Paso consistently ranks high in the nation’s safest large cities, having brought home the top honors for 4 consecutive years.


It got its All America City recognition in 2010, proof that its population of 700,000 is working harmoniously together to make the city a great place to live in. Serving these peace-loving communities are HOA vendors in El Paso TX. This is very evident in the city’s highly diverse economy that comprises international trade, government and civil service, the military, oil and gas, tourism, healthcare, and of course a thriving service sector for which association management vendors belong. The city is also home to Western Refining, a Fortune 500 company, and Helen of Troy Limited, a NASDAQ-listed company.


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