If you’re wondering where the geographic center of California is, you only need to head north about 220 miles from Los Angeles or 170 miles south from Sacramento or perhaps 185 miles southeast from San Francisco. The city we’re talking about is Fresno. Technically, it’s not California’s geographical center but it sure is near it. Fresno is home to more than half a million people with houses conveniently nestled in the San Joaquin Valley and served by numerous association management vendors. Its neighborhoods like Sunnyside, West Side, and Tower District, just to name a few, are like mini cities in themselves with each one carrying a very distinct character. At the helm of Fresno’s economic development have largely been agricultural, thanks to the fertile soil of the San Joaquin. By the turn of the century, Fresno’s economy has substantially diversified to include big names such as Sony Music and Sony Computer Entertainment. It is thus, not surprising that HOA vendors in Fresno CA are singing a lovely tune.


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