HOA Board Qualifications: Can You Become A Board Member?

HOA board qualifications – do you have them? The qualifications for an HOA board member are not things that everyone possesses. Thus, a qualified HOA board member is a precious asset to the community. Read on to see if you have the qualifications for an HOA board member.


Top 10 HOA Board Qualifications

Board members are important officials that are elected to be responsible for an HOA’s affairs. They also play important roles in properly running the community. The level of responsibility involved with HOA board members is not small and should not be taken lightly.

The choice in an HOAs board of directors can make the difference between making the community a success or failure in both the short and long-term. So are HOA board qualifications – they are a big deal. Considering running for your HOAs board of directors is a decision that you should consider carefully. There are certain qualities that an individual must possess in order to be successful in the position.

Here are ten signs that you are an ideal fit to become the newest member of your HOA board:

1. You Are a Leader

Board members are essentially leaders of an association. As an elected official, your community’s members have confidence that you will represent them with integrity. You need to be capable of always acting in the best interest of the HOA. To be a successful leader, you must be able to recognize your strengths. You need to know your limits, as well, so you can work within your authority and use your attributes for the good of your community.


2. You Can Be Objective

When you are performing duties on behalf of your HOA, you have to be objective. It is essential to leave your biases and preferences behind. As a director on your HOA board, you have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of the association. Being objective is the only way to avoid any and all conflicts of interest.

Fiduciary duties are often misunderstood in that individuals think that they can interpret it how they like. It does not mean to provide a favor to another individual or serve their own agendas.

As a member of your HOA board, it is important to remember to be impartial. That you are an agent that needs to be loyal to the best interests of the HOA. It takes strength to remain so regardless of whether they conflict with your own personal agenda or that of another individual.


3. You Have a Passion for Serving Your Community

passion for communityIndividuals who decide to serve on their HOAs board of directors should have the purpose of bettering the community around them. They must be willing to volunteer without expecting to be paid well.

Instead, they will view this as an opportunity to enhance their community’s overall assets. Individuals who have selfish interests or who are expecting to be heavily compensated should reconsider their interest in joining their HOAs board.


4. You Value Successful Relationships

One of your sole duties as a board member of your HOA will be to spend time nurturing relationships with your fellow neighbors as well as neighboring communities to yours. Your primary objective should be to personalize leadership, build, and establish trust. You also need to show that the HOA leaders achieve more than measure budget performance and enforce strict rules. Positively connecting with residents will greatly impact governance and make your community an overall better place to reside.


5. You Are Tenacious

At times, board members have to make challenging decisions that may not always be favorable with their community’s residents. Even when a board member’s decisions are not popular, they must be able to stand by their decision. Then, the need to be able to defend it with credible facts and not take negative criticism personally.


6. You Are Constantly Learning

Board members are not association experts when they begin their term. It is their responsibility to take the time to learn about both state and local laws, how and why the association operates the way it does, and governing documents. The more that a member is able to learn, the better off their HOA will be in the long-term.


7. You Are an Excellent Mediator

hoa board qualificationsThere are going to be times when residents and board members disagree. When these disputes occur, it is the board member’s job to get involved and find a resolution that their fellow leaders and community members will accept.

In order to achieve this, it is crucial that you are able to keep an open mind. By being a good listener and remaining calm, you will be able to remain consistent and fair even when the tempers of others erupt unfavorably.


8. You Are Always a Team Player

Boards always need to make decisions as a collective group. Even if your viewpoints are in the minority, you should always support the decision that was decided by the majority vote. It is wise to realize that no board member is more important than another. By having the ability to disagree respectfully, you will be putting your community in a position to be successful.


9. You Are Strategic

The board is responsible for maintaining assets, preparing the community for a strong future, solving issues, and preventing conflicts when possible. The most successful leaders operate as a business first and need a strategic plan to hold their members accountable, recognize areas that need improvement, and track overall progress.


10. You Are Reliable

It is vital that you make yourself available and attend all board meetings. Your board members should always be able to rely on you as well as community members within your community. You should always be well-prepared for board meetings and be ready to make informed decisions for the community. Among the HOA board qualifications, this is an underrated yet crucial characteristic.


Do You Think You Have the Right HOA Board Qualifications?

Being a board member can be difficult at times; however, it can also be an extremely rewarding experience. If you have an ideal combination of the HOA board qualifications listed above, then we highly recommend that you reach out to the board in your local HOA to see what positions are potentially open to you. If you are able to become a member of your HOA board, you will be able to have a positive impact on your community while simultaneously having a rewarding experience.



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