Located in the Midwestern section of continental United States is the Sunflower State of Kansas. This state of some 3 million inhabitants is also known as the Free State and the Wheat State since it is one of the nation’s leading producers of wheat, soybeans, corn, and sorghum. It has great historical significance, too, having been one of the hotbeds of democracy in the early goings of the Civil War.


It has a land area of about 82,278 square miles, making it the nation’s 15th largest and 34th most populous. This is a great opportunity for HOA vendors in Kansas to showcase their renowned products and services, helping families and communities manage their respective properties in a more sensible manner, especially in light of the revenue shortfalls that have befallen the state towards the end of the last millennium.


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With the HOA vendors in Kansas spearheading the charge, we might see another Free-Stater phenomenon in the making.