There’s no question Michigan is the Great Lakes State. It is the nation’s only state to be comprised of two peninsulas jutting out into the cool yet vibrant waters of the Great Lakes. Michigan is the country’s 11th largest when it comes to land area and number 10 among the nation’s most populous, figures that HOA vendors in Michigan are taking full advantage of.


Its capital may be Lansing but its largest city and more economically and socially productive is Detroit, thanks to the Big Three in the American automotive industry. Because of its geologic features, Michigan is one of the few states in the US where recreational boating outclasses other forms of recreation. Aside from the Great Lakes, Michigan is also home to some 65,000 inland lakes as well as ponds. Ask any of the community management vendors in Michigan and they will tell you that you are no more than 6 miles away from a natural body of water wherever you may be in the state.


Michigan’s population is largely Caucasian, accounting for about 79% of the total population. But this is not stopping HOA vendors in the state to reach out also to other segments of the population. This is in line with the philosophy of association management vendors to create an atmosphere of oneness within the great state itself. Providing support to these community association management vendors is, an online platform that connects people and businesses and other entities in the state to effect a more meaningful change in their daily lives.