Almost everyone thinks New Mexico is nothing but a barren desert. Actually, there are a lot of unique attributes to the Land of Enchantment. It has the highest state capital city in the nation at 7,000 feet above sea level. It is the birthplace of the Wilderness Act and has North America’s oldest capital city established in 1610. It is home to about 2 million people.


What you may not know is that New Mexico is actually a tax haven, providing tax credits and exemptions to highly productivindustries while also collecting relatively low income taxes. This makes the state a very lucrative market for HOA vendors in New Mexico. And with a large US military presence in the state, it’s easy to understand why this otherwise desert landscape produces a per capita GDP of $45,500.


With a great number of its residents being members of the military and its associated industries, community management vendors have to pool their resources to provide residents with only the best products and services they need to manage their homes. A directory of community association management vendors is therefore crucial in bridging the gap between homeowners and service providers.


This is the goal of HOA Management as it builds a platform for HOA vendors and property owners to meet and discuss potential service provision. You can trust on association management vendors to work hand in hand with the local business community. This helps ensure that the HOA vendors in New Mexico adhere to the ideals set by the local government.