Foreigners think New York is only that glitzy city they know as the Big Apple. While the city is undoubtedly one of the greatest cosmopolitan cities in the modern world, there really is much more to the state than what the Big Apple can epitomize. For starters, New York State has a very diverse geography with the Atlantic washing its southern tip at Long Island and the mighty Adirondack and Appalachian Mountains forming the backbone of the state’s northeastern section.


More than 40 percent of its almost 9 million New Yorkers live in the Big Apple, making it the country’s most populous city and is undoubtedly the center for media, finance, and culture. A large number of HOA vendors in New York are based in this great city. The state’s spirit of environmental sustainability, creativity, social tolerance, and entrepreneurship are all signs taken by community management vendors to be indicators of more good things to come.


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