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How to Have a Summer Donation Event in Your HOA

We all know it’s important to do a little seasonal cleaning each year. Extra stuff can add up fast, and unused items can lead to unnecessary mess in your homeowners association community.

A great solution is to donate old items to local places that can use them. The problem is that people have trouble making time to do this—sort through what’s not needed, pack up the items, and figure out where to take them. So that’s why having a collective donation event in your HOA is a great idea.

Set a Deadline

Encourage residents to participate in the event by setting a specific date and deadline for the donation items, as well as a place where they can be dropped off. Let them know about it well in advance, and mention the benefits to them and the association: less clutter, help getting rid of unwanted items, and a fun event with neighbors to help improve the community. A homeowners association management company can also help with the planning.

Figure Out Which Organization

Do some research beforehand into which organizations are accepting what types of items, and in what conditions. Common donation items include clothes, electronics, furniture, shoes, home appliances, some toys, fitness tools, and sometime even things like old towels. Make a list of these for residents and either let them choose from a few, or decide on one donation location.

Larger organizations can often work with you to set up a day and time when they’ll pick up items. If not, other will let you arrange a drop off time to bring the items by.

Encourage Swapping Items

This can also be a day for members to swap used items! Maybe one resident has an items they don’t need anymore that their neighbor has been searching for at a discounted price. Everyone wins, and you’re increasing engagement within your community, which reduce the amount of neighbor disputes.

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