It is often common for cities and towns to be named after famous people, even presidents. This is the case for the City of Jackson, Mississippi’s largest and capital city. Named after the 7th President of the US, Andrew Jackson, the city is best known for its musicians who are very prolific in jazz, blues, folk, and gospel, earning for it the nickname “The City with Soul”. Its current population of about 165,000 is actually less than its 2010 population which stood at about 173,000. However, HOA vendors in Jackson MS are not the least worried about the declining population of the city. For them this simply means they will have greater efficiency in providing more quality home management services to the populace. The city is home to some truly historic and culturally-significant museums and other historic places as well as numerous parks like Battlefield Park and Presidential Hills Park. It’s also home to a number of major industries in the field of machinery, metal products, food processing, and electronic equipment.


Association management vendors remain hopeful of the city’s resurgence. They know that if they can provide the highest possible quality of home management services expected by Jacksonians from HOA vendors, others might still be enticed to make the city their home. Community association management vendors are now partnering with to reach more people who may need some help fixing their homes. Our online platform for these community management vendors allows ordinary folks to determine the most appropriate solutions for their needs.