Washed by the gentle waters of the St. Johns River some 25 miles south of the border with Georgia, Florida’s Jacksonville is the Sunshine State’s most populous urban center. Jacksonville also happens to be the nation’s largest city in terms of land area covering some 874.64 square miles and populated by some 907,000 Jaxsons. This is one figure that is keeping HOA vendors in Jacksonville FL truly upbeat. It is home to several US military installations including a naval submarine base, a marine corps command, a naval station, and a naval air station. Its economy is centered on banking, logistics, insurance, and healthcare, although it is a favorite destination for tourists who would like to sample its renowned golf links. It also has a wide range of entertainment and leisure establishments as well as art galleries, museums, and music venues. The NFL’s Jaguars also call Jacksonville their home.


Speaking of home, a multitude of HOA vendors are now serving the more than 366,000 households in the city. It’s a tough job, but these association management vendors are not complaining. They know that it is their duty to provide home improvement and management assistance to the residents as well as businesses in the city.


At HOAManagement.com we realize that these community management vendors also need all the support they can get to deliver their services to those who need them the most. That’s why we’ve created a directory of HOA vendors for Jaxsons to use in searching for the best HOA vendors in Jacksonville FL.