Keep your drains clean with these 10 foolproof tricks!

We often notice a problem in the drains when it’s late, don’t you think? Besides, unlike other areas of the house, the bathroom is often the forgotten one. Yes, that’s true! They don’t usually get as clogged and dirty as the kitchen pipes, but they still require maintenance, don’t they? Today, at HOA, we’re going to do a two-for-one and talk about how to keep the drains clean with a series of tricks that will save you several headaches. Word!

#1. Salt water for the soap
Let’s start by taking apart one of the most common ideas: what’s wrong with soap? Nothing, right? Well, that depends! Some soaps can leave sediment in the pipes and help them get stuck. To avoid this, every other day it is interesting to pour a pot of salted water in order to make sure that the pipes are 100% operational and to clean some debris that may have accumulated. This is one of the best techniques that was a life saver for me that I got from Denver sewer repair after having a phone call with them.

#2. Another good option: bleach
Although misused bleach can be abrasive to pipes, if we make good use of it, we have nothing to worry about. To do this, every two or three weeks, pour half a glass of bleach for every five litres of water, wait a few minutes (about 10 minutes is fine) and turn on the cold water tap for 15 or 20 seconds. The best thing is that the bleach will also eliminate odors, and often this is not easy!

#3. Food leftovers?
In the kitchen it is common for a lot of food scraps to end up in the pipes; to avoid this, we should try to clean the dishes before leaving them in the sink: yes, it is a job, but one that will later save us time in maintenance! So I eat it for the sake of it, don’t you think?

#4. Grids at the mouth of the drain
In the kitchen, a grate will help us keep the drains clean. Most sinks have built-in grates, but if not, you can buy one for a small investment. This way, you will prevent any leftovers from reaching the pipes.

#5. A double life for coffee
The ground coffee deposit is one of the natural plungers par excellence. When cleaning the coffee machine, use it to remove any dirt that may have been left in the pipes.

#6. The hair… oh, the hair!
Especially during shaving, a lot of hair falls into the sink. Although it’s a common practice, it’s one of the most damaging to the pipes. Get used to picking them up with a paper before turning on the tap or sweeping them off the floor, even if it seems more cumbersome at first, it is not. In fact, it’s a lot less work than getting stuck in a traffic jam that causes all your hair to fall out after two or three shaves.

#7. Keep the drains clean with baking soda
The baking soda will help you keep the pipes clean. To do this, every week or fortnight pour a cup of coffee down the drain and let the water run for a few seconds – one hundred percent effective!

#8. Oil? No, not oil!
Get used to disposing of used oil in bottles that you can leave at your city’s clean spot. The remains of oil contaminate litres and litres of drinking water and, in addition, they stick to the pipes in your home, producing a bad smell and constant clogging. But here it’s no longer just a question of problems at home, but of the enormous contamination of the drinking water that we all have.

#9. First surefire remedy: the rubber plunger
If you have a recurring traffic jam problem, start with the classic plunger. Why? It will almost never fail you and is a good first line of defense against the most vicious traffic jams. Keep in mind that many times, when a blockage is already evident, the pipes have been neglected for weeks or months, so it won’t be as easy as if you take advantage of more constant maintenance.

#10. Second surefire remedy: pipe cleaner
Keep the drains clean with rubber and wire drain cleaners or bicarbonate and vinegar mixtures as well; if none of this works, it’s time to try commercial solutions, and if the clog is a big one, maybe it’s time to contact a professional and, from now on, remember our long-suffering pipes on a daily basis.

We hope that these 10 foolproof tricks have been useful to you! And you, do you know any other tricks to clean and preserve the pipes in your home?

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