Lexington in Kentucky is widely regarded as the Horse Capital of the World, being the home to many of the world’s finest thoroughbred farms. Lexington is also home to about 330,000 people with a growth rate that is as fast as its economic growth. One of the most fascinating things about the city, a fact that HOA vendors in Lexington KY truly appreciate, is that despite its continuing march towards economic prosperity, it has maintained its unique identity as the nation’s premiere city when it comes to thoroughbred horses.


The city is thus characterized by areas of massive commercialization and industrialization on one hand and highly rural areas perfect for the region’s world-renowned horses on the other. Home of the Kentucky Horse Park, the Keeneland, and The Red Mile horse race tracks, Lexington continues to show the nation how a city can be modernized without abandoning its roots.


Living in Lexington can be particularly challenging, however since almost everyone wants to have a piece of the city. The HOA vendors in the city provide services to many of the residents as well as businesses, making sure their properties are in tip-top shape. Community management vendors continuously upgrade their competencies to better serve these communities.


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