Is HOA Management For Small Communities Necessary?

Most people think that only bigger associations need professional HOA management, but smaller communities need help too. The reality is that smaller HOAs have fewer resources and they are the ones that need the most guidance on community management. So, if you are a board member interested in HOA management for small communities, here are important points to keep in mind.

HOA Management for Small Communities: What Services Do You Need?

When thinking about professional HOA management for a small community, you first need to determine the services that your association needs. Here are the most common services for small homeowners associations.

1. Financial Management Services

Even smaller communities need to stay on top of their finances. However, board members don’t always have the expertise to deal with the financial aspects of community management. Accounting and bookkeeping are essential tasks that need to be done each day.

Otherwise, the work will pile up and this can easily overwhelm an already clueless HOA board. Small communities need solid budgets as well in order to operate properly.

So, if your board doesn’t have a solid grasp of accounting and finance, HOA management for small communities is worth considering.

2. HOA Compliance with Laws and Ordinances

Concept Of Compliance. Business Concept | small community managementNon-compliance with local, state, and federal laws can end up costing your community. Since small communities have smaller budgets to begin with, fines and legal action can significantly devastate your finances.

To ensure your association’s compliance with laws and ordinances, you might want to consider small community HOA management.

A professional management company will have expertise when it comes to HOA legislation. Thus, they can ensure that your governing documents, as well as rules and regulations, are all compliant with the law. An HOA manager also ensures that all legal documents are filed and executed.

3. Administrative Services

Regardless of size, running an HOA community entails a lot of administrative work. You need to answer calls and emails, communicate with residents and vendors, schedule meetings and maintenance, process invoices, collect HOA fees, and so on.

All these need to be done, or else the community won’t be able to function properly. However, most board members cannot really devote all their time to administrative work. They also have full-time jobs, families, and other personal matters to attend to.

If you find that small community management is taking up too much of the board’s time, consider the services of an HOA management company. They will make sure to take care of the simple but time-consuming tasks each day.

4. Maintenance Management

Associations big or small also have to conduct maintenance management regularly. This is to ensure that the community’s shared assets are in good working condition. If there are repairs or replacements, you will have to find vendors or contractors to handle the issue. However, as a board member of a small community, you may not know which companies to contact.

Not only will an HOA management company handle your community’s maintenance needs, but they will also have a list of trusted companies that you can choose from. An HOA manager will be able to procure bids from various companies and the board will just have to choose from the shortlist.

5. Value-Added Services

value business concept | small community managementEven though value-added services are not as essential as the others previously mentioned, these are also services that a small community needs to function.

For instance, HOA management can help set up and maintain your community’s website, provide emergency assistance, consult with the board on major decisions, and prepare board meeting agendas.

These are little tasks but having them taken care of can provide HOA boards with a lot of relief. If this is something you are interested in, you should consider HOA management for small communities.

Benefits of Professional HOA Management for Small Communities

The main disadvantage of professional HOA management is the cost. As stated, smaller communities don’t have much wiggle room when it comes to finances. However, in some instances, HOA management for small communities can be a more cost-effective option. Here are some benefits to consider.

1. Better, More Informed Decisions

The support and expertise of an HOA management company will help the board make better, more informed decisions. It’s not the manager’s job to make the decisions for you. Rather, they can present the board with all the relevant information they need to decide. HOA management can also review the board’s decisions to ensure that they comply with relevant laws.

2. Less Workload and More Freedom

Just because there is an HOA management company doesn’t mean that the board doesn’t have to work anymore. Ultimately, the HOA board members are still in charge of the community.

However, they won’t have to waste the limited time they have on simple, routine tasks such as answering calls or preparing paperwork. The HOA manager will handle day-to-day management tasks so that the board can focus on more pressing community matters.

3. An Effective Management System

EFFECTIVE - fluorescent Neon tube Sign on brickwork | small community managementA professional company can create a management system for a small community. This is not only critical for the association’s operations and resident satisfaction, but it also prepares your community for eventual growth.

With the support of an HOA management company, your small community will have the tools and resources it needs to expand.

Choosing the Best Management for Small Communities

Keep in mind that not all HOA management companies will cater to small communities. However, there are several options in between self-management and professional HOA management.

You can always choose the option that best suits the needs of your small community. For example, with financial-only management, the board can rely on a company to handle financial tasks. Meanwhile, an on-site manager will primarily take care of administrative tasks. Remote management services may also be a cost-effective option when it comes to HOA management for small communities.

Is HOA Management for Small Communities Right for Me?

Upon considering your management needs, as well as the benefits of an HOA management company, you can decide whether professional HOA management for small communities is the right move for you. You may want to think of HOA management as an investment that can save your small community money in the long run. However, since this is a major decision, make sure to consult with your community’s board members and residents.




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