Whenever people talk about the City of Lakes or even Mini Apple they always refer to Minnesota’s largest city and the nation’s 46th, the city of Minneapolis. The sister city of Saint Paul with its remarkably modern skyline right at the heart of the city and lush greeneries blanketing the peripheries, Minneapolis is the US Midwest’s second-largest economy. Its population of about 420,000 is adequately and religiously served by hundreds of HOA vendors in Minneapolis MN. What makes Minneapolis quite extraordinary is that it is located on both banks of the mighty Mississippi River and is home to 13 lakes, a handful of waterfalls, plenty of creeks, and numerous wetlands that are all connected by parkways. The nation once owed its flour and timber supply to the city. Today, the city is a global economy being home to a handful of Fortune 500 companies. Its LGBTQ community is also thriving, being the largest in the US, and is equally served by association management vendors. With a lively performing arts scene and strong music heritage, Minneapolis is a great city to live in.

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