Being one of Hampton Roads’ oldest cities, Norfolk in Virginia has long been considered the region’s historic, cultural, urban, economic, and financial center. However, for all intents and purposes, the city of Norfolk is primarily famous around the world for being the home of the world’s largest naval base and is also the headquarters of one of NATO’s strategic commands. This makes Norfolk a very strategic transportation and military hub in the western hemisphere. The waters of Chesapeake Bay wash its northern shores while the Elizabeth River laps at its western borders. It is home to some 250,000 folks living in bayfront and riverfront properties and served by HOA vendors in Norfolk VA. Its neighboring cities are connected to the heart of Norfolk via an extensive network of tunnels, bridges, interstate highways, and bridge-tunnel complexes that are the only ones in existence in the country. This makes it a lot easier for community association management vendors in the city to extend their services to neighboring cities.

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