Should Your HOA Offer Online Voting?

How many people are showing up regularly to your board meetings? If you are like most homeowners associations, you probably struggle with regular member involvement. With everyone juggling busy lifestyles and careers outside of the HOA, it’s difficult to get everyone together when governing your association.

But keeping members involved with what happens in your community is so crucial to its success. Increasing homeowner interaction prevents apathy in the association and ensures an attentive board. A solution for some HOAs has been turning to electronic voting as a way of increasing accessibility to participation in community governance.

Benefits of Electronic Voting

Struggling to get enough votes during yearly board meetings can be detrimental to change in your community. The quantity of votes impacts key decisions like approval of budgets, updates to membership, and amendment of documents. Online voting allows a way for encouraging this participation without requiring physical attendance.

Residents can send in their votes for important matters from anywhere, just by using their mobile device or computer. Plus, it’s inexpensive to use electronic voting versus mailing out paper ballots to everyone in the community. And for those who prefer not to or don’t have access to online voting, they can still send in votes physically.

Challenges of Online Voting

Although electronic voting has some big advantages, there are a few challenges involved. Outdated laws have traditionally been a barrier for some online voting. However, more than 20 states have amended HOA laws so that electronic voting is allowed, so it’s less of an issue now.

Another concern has been security with electronic voting, but even that has improved in the last several years. Some residents may be uncomfortable with the process if they are worried about privacy or security, so HOAs should plan to provide plenty of information on what’s involved. Your homeowners association management company can help you plan for this.

Although maintaining involvement and votes in a homeowners association can always be a struggle, online voting is an option worth considering, especially in communities with larger numbers.

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