Known among locals and those in the know as The Old Pueblo, Tucson is Arizona’s 2nd most populated city behind Phoenix. With close to a million inhabitants calling Tucson their home, it’s no wonder HOA vendors in Tucson AZ are having the time of their existence serving so many all at the same time. Part of Tucson’s growing population can be attributed to its proximity to Phoenix with some Phoenicians opting for the more laid-back lifestyle of Tucson. Well, it’s not really all laid-back since the city hosts some interesting annual fairs and cultural events such as the Gem and Mineral Show, the Tucson Rodeo, and the Tucson Folk Festival. There are plenty of cultural and historical attractions and a vibrant music, culinary, literary, and performing arts scene. You can always think that one of Tucson’s greatest draws is its tourist attractions driving its economy. Well, you’re not mistaken.

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