With a population that is more than 400,000 spread within 196.8 square miles, Tulsa is a city in Oklahoma and is currently the nation’s 47th largest in terms of inhabitants. While its population may be large for its land area, HOA vendors in Tulsa OK aren’t complaining. Much of the nation’s development can be attributed to Tulsa’s reputation as the Oil Capital of the World. This is especially true in the 20th century. Today however, Tulsa’s economy is dictated by a highly diverse industry that includes aviation, technology, energy, finance, and telecommunications. It is also located on the foothills of northeast Oklahoma’s Ozark Mountains providing tourists and vacationers a rare chance to live it out, albeit temporarily at the Green Country. Overall, Tulsa has been consistently ranked high as one of the country’s livable communities, a fact that is keeping association management vendors upbeat.

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