Native Restoration Services

Native Restoration Services is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the diverse beauty of the original flora and fauna of the tallgrass prairie region.

Our Services

Remove Invasive Species

Invasives, generally, but not exclusively non-native, are typically controlled by cutting, pulling or by treating with herbicide or fire. Native Restoration Services has trained and licensed personnel and equipment to effectively remove invasive plants and restore your native landscape

Establish Native Plants

There are two choices, live plants or seed. Installing live plants provides “instant gratification”, but can be more costly than seed. Planting from seed is far more economical, but requires patience as natives are slow to establish with some species taking years to mature.

Perform Prescribed Burns

The tallgrass prairie ecosystem, which includes our woods, savannas and wetlands, evolved in association with regular episodes of fire. Our region is fairly unique in this respect and many alien plants are far more sensitive to fire – being injured or killed in the process. We “Prescribe” a burn for a natural area as an essential and healthy tactic to benefit native species and reduce the harmful impact of alien species.


Once a natural area has been cleared of invasive species and an appropriate native plant community established, long-term maintenance is necessary to keep alien species from dominating the area until natives have become healthy, mature and diverse. Stewarship services include:

  • Ecological mowing
  • Hand Weeding
  • Inter-seeding
  • Selective spot herbicide

We typically set up a schedule of monthly Stewardship visits throughout the growing season to assure the success of your natural areas.

Ravine/Bluff Erosion

Water is the most powerful erosive force on earth and a dramatic example occurs regularly in the ravines along the shores of Lake Michigan. This unique ecosystem includes rare and delicate native vegetation found nowhere else in the region. As municipalities use the ravines to convey stormwater from our streets to Lake Michigan our fragile ravine soils are washing away at an alarming rate. We specialize in stabilizing the delicate ecosystems within ravines and reducing the pace of erosion.

Shoreline Erosion

Ponds that are properly constructed, vegetated and moderately maintained are a joy to behold. All the others can be a source of mild aggravation or worse. Corrective measures usually begin with restoring the shoreline which is being undercut by the erosive action of countless small waves against unprotected soil. We establish deep rooted native aquatic plants along the shoreline and behind them wet mesic to dry mesic prairie plants to filter in-flowing water. The end result is a beautiful pond with a well established shoreline.

Pond Maintenance

Standing water will inevitably attract aquatic vegetation, some of which is invasive and unsightly. We correct pond problems by natural means and with the minimal use of approved aquatic safe algaecides. One key to the success of Pond Maintenance is getting an early start in Spring. Please contact as soon as possible to discuss our services.

Rain/Butterfly Gardens

Installing a rain/butterfly garden is a great way to diversify flora and fauna on your property. A rain/butterfly garden allows you to introduce plants that would otherwise not be suited in a dryer environment. The plants that we choose encourage several species of insects and birds to your property, which are crucial for the overall health of your plants and habitat.


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