With the signing in July 16, 1790 of the Residence Act, the District of Columbia was established as a federal district. This means, the city is under the stewardship of the US Congress. However, the land upon which the district is laid upon comes from portions of Virginia and Maryland, overlooking the Potomac River. A year after signing, Washington DC became the new capital of the nation and remains so to this very day. With a population of close to 700,000 which can substantially increase up to more than a million during weekdays because of the influx of commuters from Virginia and Maryland, it is amazing to see this many people fit into a 68.34-square mile strip of land. While the city is home to the three branches of government, it also plays host to hundreds of foreign embassies, international organizations, professional associations, lobby groups, non-profit organizations, and even businesses. HOA vendors in Washington DC also call the city their home, serving its many residents.

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