6 Typical Rules For an HOA

If you haven’t dealt with a homeowners association before, you should prepare for rules. Rules govern many of the activities of daily residents. HOA’s aren’t for everyone, so before you make an offer on a home and move-in, you should understand how one may affect your living experience.

HOA’s are more commonplace in certain parts of the country than others. Their main goal is to maintain increasing property values by creating a positive quality of life.  Usually it’s the developer that governs the HOA until a certain amount of homes are sold. Then it’s eventually turned over to the homeowners. These fees go towards, parks, pools, garbage, etc.   Here are some rules which HOA’s may dictate that can affect you life.


This is one of the major causes for concern. When you live in community with limited parking, visitors and homeowners tend to park in a highly unorganized manner. This might be reminiscent of living in big apartment community that you can find here https://www.rentkidz.com/apartments-tx-dallas/. These communities have many cars and often not enough spots to park.  Guests may block your garage or park in the middle of the street. This can also create an eyesore.

If your the type of person who has lots of friends and family who visit,  then you will want to check out the parking situation. Is there adequate guest parking? What happens when guest parking is full. Many HOA’s have a parking policy that you want to review.


You will be responsible for a yearly fee. The first item of business you will want to be aware of, fees usually increase over time.  What do they cover in the community? Usually fees cover the street, gates, vegetation, landscaping, etc. If you were living in a single family home, you would probably be paying out of pocket for these items anyway. So don’t view them as a nuisance fee. HOA’s also like to keep reserves in case of an emergency. Fees are always a major of a topic if you live in an HOA.


Dogs bark and they leave messes. When homeowners walk their dogs and don’t clean up after their pets this can create frustration and anger in the community. Dogs also bark at random hours in the evening.  Good HOA’s should institute strict pet policies. If there aren’t any rules regarding pets, then issues are sure to arise without immediate solutions.


Some homeowners will at one point start to rent out their home. You will find that there are also rules that govern this as well. The tenants who move-in will not have voting rights.

Keep Up Appearance

Homeowners must make timely repairs and maintain building codes. If you choose to repaint your home or replace your fence, chances are there are certain rules to abide by. If you want to make changes that aren’t accepted, you will have a very difficult time convincing anyone on the HOA board.

If you make changes that are not approved, you will most likely be notified in writing and asked to make those changes. Many HOA’s have the ability to fine homeowners.


An HOA certainly has its place today. However, you want to look within and decide if you can live by the rules before you purchase a home in the community. People who simply cannot acquiesce, should look elsewhere.






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