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This is a powerful online resource for community association leaders and other volunteers. Our website provides a free service that will never ask for your email address or require you to log in. Unlike other online directories, we don’t come between our visitors and the companies we trust.

Our open layout means users can directly contact any company they choose by calling the listed phone number, clicking through to the company’s website, or by emailing the company through a direct form. Using our site, you can easily select a property manager or vendor that can help get your condominium or homeowners association running smoothly and efficiently.

Our simple search function for association board members makes it easier than ever to search for and find the right company. You can also find helpful advice in our blog section. Our in-depth collection of articles covers a wide array of association management topics. The articles on our blog are written by professionals with years of experience in the association management industry and are read by our visitors every day. We invite you to use our informative website as a resource help your community.

How we are Helping HOA Board Members

Have an issue within your community and need help on what to do? Our HOA Forum can be a resource where you can ask other board members and homeowners for advice. We also have moderators that are active in the HOA industry that can contribute. Start by creating an account and posting your question. Want to contribute? Great! If you see a post that you have experience with lets here what you have to say.

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New on the board and looking for an example Annual Budget? How about one you can download and use for your community? We have lots of templates that can benefit your association free to download. Check out what have, and if there is something that you need but we don’t have it, send us an email and we will try to make it for you.

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Are you in a self managed HOA and looking for help? Check out our page dedicated to Self Managed communities. Here you can find a lot of resources to help in the day o day management of your community. If you see something missing let us know, we will see what we do in creating it for you.

Self Managed Resources

Spotlight Companies for HOAs

These companies have shown exceptional knowledge in improving the quality of life in community associations.

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Condo and HOA News

Annual Meetings

How to Increase Annual HOA Meeting Attendance...

One of the most difficult aspects of the HOA annual meeting is getting homeowners to attend it. A lot of homeowners just don’t seem concerned about association matters, leading to bad attendance numbers. But, believe it or not, there are ways you can adopt to...

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What Goes On In An HOA Annual Meeting? Tips For Ha...

Although homeowners associations have varying rules and traditions, one thing that many have in common is the HOA annual meeting. But, what exactly happens in the annual meeting? And how can you improve yours?   What Is an HOA Annual Meeting? The HOA annual meeting is...

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HOA Board of Directors

What Does The HOA Vice President Do?...

HOA boards are typically led by the president, with the vice president next in line. But, what exactly are the duties of an HOA vice president?   The Duties of HOA Vice President Every homeowners association is governed by a set of board members. While...

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Legal Obligations Of HOAs...

For the 74 million people living in more than 347,000 communities governed by homeowners associations, their HOA boards may have as much or more of an impact on their daily lives than their state, county, or local governments. HOAs do more than maintain common areas,...

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HOA Board Meetings

Robert’s Rules Of Order: Everything You Need...

Robert’s Rules of Order can be a helpful guide for homeowners associations that are having trouble following a standard for meetings. But, what are these rules anyway?   What Is Robert’s Rules of Order? Robert’s Rules of Order is a parliamentary procedure authored by U.S....

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A Guide On How To Write HOA Board Meeting Minutes...

In homeowners associations, the board regularly convenes meetings to discuss agenda items and vote. To record what transpires at these meetings, it is imperative to take HOA board meeting minutes. But, what is the process for doing so?   What Are HOA Board Meeting Minutes?...

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