Best HOA Insurance Companies

Insurance is a fundamental form of protection that every homeowners association should have. Not all providers are made equal, though. That is why it is paramount to choose from the best HOA insurance companies.


The Importance of Insurance

Insurance is a regular expense found in most homeowners associations’ financial records. But, because it is not something you immediately feel the effects of, some association boards are apprehensive to purchase sufficient coverage. Still, insurance remains a necessary investment for many reasons.

For one thing, insurance acts as a safety net in case of a covered loss. If your clubhouse gets damaged due to a storm, for example, your insurance can pay for the cost of repairs or replacement. This will eliminate the need for you to tap into your reserves or levy special assessments to cover the expense.

Additionally, insurance shields your association from liability. If someone gets injured on HOA property, your insurance can pay for the cost of that person’s medical bills. Should they sue, your insurance can also pay for the legal expenses.

Moreover, insurance — specifically D&O insurance — protects the HOA board from personal liability. Board members make decisions every day. Some of these decisions, or lack thereof, can rub people the wrong way. When that happens, board members can find themselves on the receiving end of a personal lawsuit.

Interestingly, D&O insurance not only shields the board (and their spouses) from personal liability due to alleged wrongful acts but also actual wrongful acts. However, illegal acts are typically not covered.

Insurance preserves the financial health of your association in more ways than one. Considering there are countless homeowners association insurance providers offering various forms of coverage, though, choosing one is not always an easy endeavor.


What Types of Insurance Do Companies Provide?

Insurance is a very broad term. There are a handful of insurance policies that homeowners associations should obtain according to their individual needs. At a minimum, your HOA should have the following insurance plans:

  • Master Policy. A master insurance policy for homeowners association provides property and liability coverage for losses included in the plan. For losses or liabilities not covered in the master policy, an HOA will typically need to purchase additional policies such as a commercial umbrella liability policy.
  • D&O Insurance. A Directors and Officers policy offers coverage for monetary and non-monetary liability claims when board members are personally sued.
  • Fidelity Bond Coverage. Also referred to as crime insurance, this type of insurance protects HOAs from financial loss as a result of crimes, such as fraud or theft, committed by employees, board members, or other parties.
  • Condo Insurance. Condos, in particular, have unique insurance needs because of the building’s structure. Condo insurance usually includes coverage for shared fixtures such as walls, wiring, plumbing, etc.


Top 5 Best HOA Insurance Companies

When it comes to insurance, there is more to it than just getting adequate coverage; it is also about partnering with a reputable provider. Here are the best insurance companies for homeowners associations to get you started:


1. Associations Insurance Agency, Inc.

Associations Insurance Agency, Inc. is an independent agency serving 36 states that caters specifically to community associations and condos. Coverage plans range from general liability and umbrella liability to crime/fidelity coverage and D&O liability. In addition to these, AIA also offers commercial property coverage, flood coverage, and workers’ compensation.


2. Farmers Insurance

Farmers provides insurance policies for planned communities, condos, and other community associations. With this company, you can personalize your coverage depending on your needs. Plans include property damage, unit owners’ coverage, injuries, and theft. Farmers also offers D&O insurance as well as additional riders such as an extended replacement cost option that can beef up your standard plan. With all this and more, Farmers is definitely one of the best condo insurance companies.


3. Lemonade

Although Lemonade is fairly new to the market, it has already carved a niche for itself. The beauty of Lemonade is that it uses technology to make the process a lot smoother for HOAs — from sign-up to filing claims. It has a mobile app equipped with artificial intelligence, and its standard plans come with portable electronics coverage, too. Plus, you have the option to donate part of your unused premiums to your choice of charity.


4. State Farm

State Farm offers a variety of policies designed with homeowners associations in mind. These include building coverage, D&O liability coverage, and employee dishonesty protection. They even have coverage for backup of sewer and drain. Other than that, State Farm even adjusts your coverage automatically to match inflation.


5. Kevin Davis Insurance Services

Kevin Davis Insurance Services (KDIS) focuses on providing insurance to community associations, including condos. Policies include commercial umbrella protection, D&O insurance, and crime coverage. Interestingly, KDIS also has cyber liability protection in case of a security breach. The policy covers regulatory fines, cyber extortion, defense for third-party claims, and more.


You Deserve the Best HOA Insurance Companies

Given how important insurance is to every condo and homeowners association, it only makes sense to buy from the best. Shop around for HOA and condo association insurance companies, sit down with an agent, and ask detailed questions. This will help you narrow down your options and arrive at the right fit.

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