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can you sue hoa board members

Can Homeowners Sue HOA Board Members Or The Condo Board?

HOA board members are always concerned about getting sued. A lawsuit is a very serious matter; it can be quite a drain on one’s time, energy, finances, resources, and emotions. Many of us ask, “Why volunteer as a board member if it will only bankrupt me?” The good news is that this does not happen…

hoa traffic ticket

Can Homeowners Get A Traffic Ticket In An HOA?

Can your homeowners association issue an HOA traffic ticket? The answer may not be so simple. Still, it is worth diving into the subject to provide both HOAs and their members some insight.   HOA Traffic Ticket: Many Sides to the Debate People seem to be in such a hurry nowadays, but at what cost…

open forum meeting

Open Meeting Act vs Open Forum In HOA Board Meetings

If you’ve had experience with homeowners associations, you’ve probably heard about the Open Meeting Act. As an HOA board member, it’s important for you to understand what this act entails, how it differs from an open forum meeting, and how it should inform your HOA board meetings.   Open Forum Meaning and How It Differs…

hoa committees

The Different Types Of HOA Committees And How To Set Them Up

`Every HOA has a board of directors that is in charge of maintaining the community. However, community management often comes with a never-ending list of tasks and responsibilities, which can be overwhelming. To get things done, the association can call on its homeowners to volunteer and serve in HOA committees. Here’s what you need to…

are hoa fees tax deductible

Do HOA Pay Taxes?

Does an HOA pay taxes? It’s a common question a lot of homeowners associations ask. While an HOA does not technically operate to gain profit, it is still bound by tax laws. But, how exactly does it all work? Do HOAs have to file tax returns? Are HOA dues tax deductible? Here’s your complete HOA…

condominium | condo insurance

Everything You Need To Know About Condo Insurance

Unlike insurance for single-family homes — which is pretty much cut and dry — condominium homeowners insurance can be quite complicated. Why? Because as a condo owner, you need to think about insurance coverage for your unit as well as the insurance covered by your HOA. To provide clarity, here’s everything you need to know…

a visual of a smartphone and a laptop using software | HOA software

How Important Is Using An HOA Software for HOA Management?

HOA software is becoming more common nowadays. The industry-specific software for HOAs helps the HOA board navigate the complex responsibilities of running an HOA. Generic software also has its place, as well, such as using Quickbooks for HOA management. HOA accounting software for free can be good enough for most purposes, but HOA specific software…

hoa interview questions

Top HOA Interview Questions To Ask And Tips For The Interview Process

Interviewing HOA management company representatives for the position of HOA manager is no easy job. To determine whether a candidate is right for your community, here are the top HOA interview questions that you should ask. As a bonus, we’ll also take you through the process of an interview with HOA management companies.   What…

community property management

Is It Time To Switch Community Property Management Companies?

Given the many benefits of community property management, it’s always a complex decision to fire community property managers. When it comes to HOA property management, however, it’s best to stick to standards. When you encounter these warning signs, then perhaps it’s time to ask the big question.   Should You Change Our Community Property Management…

Are Your Association’s Funds Protected?

Are Your Association’s Funds Protected?

By: Craig Koss, AMS®, PCAM® Regional Vice President, Associa – Ann Arbor, MI Many of us use our computer to order products from Amazon, to pay our electric bill and to manage our bank accounts. Online commerce has grown exponentially over the past few years, but with the improvement in convenience and efficiency comes risk….

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