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beautiful condos

Creating a Beautiful Building with Curb Appeal

Any building, whether private or public, should have a pleasing look. First impressions really do matter. A building that looks good the moment it is seen is a building that will invite potential tenants and clients inside. If you own a building, you might be thinking the many ways you can make it look better….

HOA Meeting

How to Increase Annual HOA Meeting Attendance

One of the biggest problems HOA boards have with annual meetings is keeping a decent attendance. No matter what you do to try and reach quorum, it can be really difficult to get people to come. Most community members see the annual meeting as a necessary evil or they really just aren’t interested in hearing…

short-term rental home

Handling Short-Term Rentals in an HOA

HOA board members have many decisions to make that impact the association and those within it. As services offering short-term rentals have become more popular in recent years, HOAs have to be prepared for deciding how they’re going to handle these types of services. Make sure you are taking proper safety measures such as installing gates…

HOA Contract

How Important are HOA Management Contracts?

HOA Boards of Directors should be used to dealing with contracts for any types of goods or services they use for their association. These are normal processes that are expected to occur regularly so that both parties involved understand their specific rules and duties. That’s why having a legitimate contract between you and your HOA management company is so important too. For everything…

Christmas lights rules

Handling Lights, Traffic, and Security in Your HOA During the Holidays

The holiday season is here, and the majority of those in your homeowners association are likely getting festive: lights being put out, holidays gifts coming in the mail, and an uptick in the amount of visitors as family members take off to come visit. These are all wonderful aspects of celebrating the holidays, including visiting…


Smart Trips for Setting Your HOA Budget

Setting a yearly budget is a crucial part of a homeowners association, but the laws about how the process should go are often poorly understood. This can lead to less-than-ideal practices, so we’re providing some best practices for your HOA board as it sets its budget this year.   Look at Your Governing Documents These…

giving HOA thanks

5 Reasons to Give Thanks for Your HOA

As you’re prepping the turkey and stuffing and planning any travel to see family members this Thanksgiving, don’t forget to use it as an opportunity to give thanks for everything in your life — including your homeowners association! Here are five reasons to give special thanks for your community this year (and every year): The Sense…

HOA contractor

Are You Asking Enough Questions Before Hiring an HOA Contractor?

The HOA board is responsible for making decisions when the community is in need of maintenance or repair. Different skill sets are required based on the area of need, so it’s important to be mindful of the contractor you use to get the job done. It’s easy to go with anyone and assume they’re able…

How to Stay Neutral as an HOA During Election Time

How to Stay Neutral as an HOA During Election Time

Election season is in full swing, and it’s usually expected to see people supporting their political views publicly, often in the form of yard signs, flags, or car stickers. And while it’s of course fine to have members in your HOA with passionate and opposing views, you also want to make sure everyone sticks to your HOA’s rules…

How to Calculate Assessments for Your HOA

How to Calculate Assessments for Your HOA

For most HOAs, October means the beginning of budget season. And that means regular assessments will be increasing — and your board could be facing some less-than-fun questions and upset over the increases. The problem often stems mostly from the board failing to property plan for each year’s budget. They might base the assessments on…

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