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hoa assessments

What Are HOA Assessments? Are Homeowners Obligated To Pay Them?

Anyone familiar with how a homeowners association works knows that there are certain fees members should pay. Apart from regular dues, homeowners may also need to pay HOA assessments. But, what is an HOA assessment anyway?   What Are HOA Assessments? HOA assessments are also referred to as a special assessment. What is a special…

crime prevention written | resident safety

How To Prevent Crime In Your Neighborhood & Increase Resident Safety

Resident safety and crime prevention in HOA communities shouldn’t be left to chance. The perception of homeowners’ safety and the security in HOA neighborhoods directly affect property values. Thus, it’s on the HOA board to directly act to ensure resident safety in an HOA community. Let’s look at the top tips to prevent crime and…

businessman holding coins | hoa saves money

10 Effective Ways Your HOA Saves Money

Many HOAs have issues covering their operational expenses and as a result, end up charging homeowners with additional fees. In the interest of maintaining resident morale, association boards need to look carefully at their budget. You need to look for ways to reduce costs in HOA, while still providing exceptional service to the community. If…

hoa emergency plan

How To Make An HOA Emergency Plan For The Community

Every community must prepare a plan in the event of a disaster or emergency. But, what should an HOA emergency plan even include? And what types of emergencies can an HOA even expect?   The Purpose of an HOA Emergency Plan While there are devices that can predict certain natural disasters, emergencies are generally erratic….

hoa board of directors qualifications

HOA Board Qualifications: Can You Become A Board Member?

A competent HOA board is integral to the success of any homeowners association. Thus, it is imperative to establish certain HOA board of directors qualifications in communities. But, what qualifications should you consider?   The Law on HOA Board of Directors Qualifications Every homeowners association must look at state laws and their governing documents to…

how to change hoa bylaws

How To Change HOA Bylaws, Covenants, And Rules

Homeowners associations are governed by a set of documents, among which are the bylaws and the CC&Rs. There will come a time, though, when you will need to amend those documents. Continue reading to learn how to change HOA bylaws and CC&Rs.   How to Change HOA Bylaws and CC&Rs: Is It Even Possible? A homeowners…

homeowners online portal | best hoa websites

11 Important Features And Design Elements Of A Good HOA Website

A well-made homeowners association website does more than just present information. A great HOA website consists of thoroughly crafted, related modules that make HOA management easier.   What Characteristics Define a Good HOA Website? When shopping for a website for your association, it is important to consider its features and characteristics. What will make managing…

HOA dues | hoa management fees

How Much Are HOA Management Fees? What About Property Management Fees?

Associations can greatly benefit from the services of an HOA management company. Since board members don’t always have the time or expertise, it’s good to have a professional handling essential managerial functions on a full-time basis. But, how much do property management companies charge to manage HOAs? Here’s a closer look at HOA management fees…

social media content | property management advertising

7 Property Management Advertising Ideas To Beat The Competition

What is the best way to advertise property management services? Though there are many strategies to implement, going digital is something that you should strongly consider. Here are seven property management advertising ideas to help you get started.   How to Advertise Property Management Services Online The way we look at property management advertisements has changed,…

man washing concrete | choose pressure washing

How To Choose Pressure Washing Services For Your Community

This post from Washh, a pressure cleaning Company based in Charlotte, NC. One of the most essential duties of a homeowners association is to maintain certain standards within the community. Often, this means keeping common areas clean to ensure residents’ safety. A neighborhood facility is a great asset when promoting your community. New homeowners consider…

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