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condo interior design

Interior Designs to Add Life with Your Plain Painted Condo

Many people are buying furnished condo units to save them from the renovation work. They just need to add essential furniture and personal items and they’re done. However, there are some who prefer a bare home, which is like a canvas where everything starts from scratch. An unfurnished condo unit will require more work and…


Asbestos: Hardly Gone, but Sometimes Forgotten

No home is perfect. Whether it’s an ugly kitchen, a drab bathroom or a living room that looks like a funeral parlor, adding your personal touch to every room of the house is an exciting and fun process. But while some projects only require a new coat of paint or a shiny new faucet, renovations…

Board member failure

6 Common Failures of HOA Board Members

Far too often associations fail to please their homeowners, making their neighborhoods a place where no one wants to live. That’s why we are listing the biggest mistakes we see board members make time and time again. If your association is experiencing some of these problems please refer to the preventative steps listed below  …

woman relaxing indoors

Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The quality of the air around us can directly impact our health, even though we don’t always recognize it. The presence of various pollutants in the air we breathe are often invisible to the naked eye, which makes it difficult to be alert to any potential threats. The best way to ensure that you’re breathing…

Cell phone tower

The Pros & Cons of an HOA Accepting a Cell Tower

Cell phone usage has skyrocketed to the point of near saturation in the US. According to Pew Research Center, 95% of adults have a cell phone & a growing share of Americans now use smartphones as their primary means of online access at home. In 2016, wireless subscribers’ connections hit 377.9 million, with over $1.4…

HOA good will

Condo Association Good Will

If a condo association is to survive and thrive, it needs a good strategy that makes the most out of available resources, takes assessments into account and keeps a proper budget. But when it comes to condo association resources, there’s one that is often neglected, yet is highly important: good will.   Why Good Will…

home sale

Getting the Highest Price for Your Home When You Sell

Almost every single house seller comes to the table with the same aim. All sellers want to sell their homes for the highest possible price. A fair price for the homeowner can help them in many ways. The higher price can help finance a better retirement, a long-sought chance to travel or the purchase of…


Are Co-Ops a Thing of the Past?

For decades, the co-op has represented prestige living. In the Big Apple alone, you could find them sprinkled across the most admired and coveted addresses in the world such as Central Park West and Fifth Avenue. But, to get one of these properties, one had to subject themselves to hard-to-please boards, rigorous income inspection and…

beautiful condos

Creating a Beautiful Building with Curb Appeal

Any building, whether private or public, should have a pleasing look. First impressions really do matter. A building that looks good the moment it is seen is a building that will invite potential tenants and clients inside. If you own a building, you might be thinking the many ways you can make it look better….

HOA Meeting

How to Increase Annual HOA Meeting Attendance

One of the biggest problems HOA boards have with annual meetings is keeping a decent attendance. No matter what you do to try and reach quorum, it can be really difficult to get people to come. Most community members see the annual meeting as a necessary evil or they really just aren’t interested in hearing…

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