How To Choose Pressure Washing Services For Your Community

This post from Washh, a pressure cleaning Company based in Charlotte, NC.

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This post from Washh, a pressure cleaning Company based in Charlotte, NC.

One of the most essential duties of a homeowners association is to maintain certain standards within the community. Often, this means keeping common areas clean to ensure residents’ safety. A neighborhood facility is a great asset when promoting your community. New homeowners consider every aspect of a potential home, this includes amenities like clubhouses, pools, and playgrounds. While it does benefit your community to have these areas, it is also crucial that you regularly clean them.

It is no simple task to wash a pool deck or jungle gym by hand. Those difficult stains require a more powerful cleaning method. Pressure washing allows you to clean even the toughest stains from any surface with ease. When your common areas become covered with dirt, mildew, or grime it is time to call the professionals. How do you choose pressure washing services? This article will help you make that decision.

Can They Do The Job?

An established HOA will have specific requirements for the jobs they need to outsource. Pressure washing is no different. The work that a power washer is to do for a community should be put into writing. That includes the work they need to do, and for how long they need to do it. Job details and expectations should be specified, as well. First is the quality of the work. Second is the price the HOA will pay to the vendor.

Can your pressure washer do the job within the allotted time and budget? Not every pressure washer contractor has the crew, experience, and equipment to do a thorough job in a certain amount of time. So before you settle on a vendor, it’s a good idea to check your governing documents first. Do you have enough bids to decide? Among these bidders, can they do the job as outlined?

Do They Have Proper Insurance?

It is always important to make sure vendors you hire have the right insurance. Pressure washers are no exception to this. It may look like an easy job at first glance, but that pressurized water jet can be a dangerous tool.

They have to be cautious when working with powerful machine cleaning surfaces that are fragile. Without proper care, holes can be punched at the side of a building. Even cement can also be eroded, and other issues may occur. As we also know, “accidents happen.”

A proper company is insured so that if an accident does happen, you won’t be stuck with a repair bill. Before you decide on a professional company, make sure they are fully insured to cover damages or liabilities. Use a bit of time to check and confirm their insurance now, and you might just save your HOA from potentially expensive headaches later on.

Are They Trustworthy?

You now know that the pressure washer is insured. Insurance is a good indicator of a professional company, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are experts in their field. Just like large purchases, hiring a vendor requires research.

A great way to evaluate pressure washing companies is to look through their reviews. A quick look through their Google reviews will tell you if previous buyers dislike or praise the work they did. If a company is lacking reviews you can ask for references.

Requesting testimonials, previous clients, or images of their work can be a great resource when deciding on a pressure washer. Companies who have handled communities before have experience in handling those common areas with care.

Also, ask the pressure washing company about their years of experience. Many local vendors like Washh have been offering affordable services for more than a decade to clients across their local area.

Family businesses that are locally owned can often be trusted to care about their local community. Thus, your HOA is not dealing with just a faceless contractor. You are working with a friendly neighbor who will listen to your needs. More importantly, they will make sure to do the job the right way.

Are They Certified?

Power washers are not toys. They must be handled with care and used in a safe manner. Nearly 3,000 psi is released from the nozzle. That much force can cause damage to a building and even inflict physical harm.

A professional pressure washing company has experience using this equipment in different situations. Similar to insurance, it is important that the contractors you search for are certified. Determining the credibility of a vendor could also be the difference between a job well done and a job gone wrong.

Reputable vendors like Washh care about certification. A trustworthy vendor will have all of their power washing technicians certified through the Power Washers of North America (PWNA). Thus, they know how to follow the strict guidelines and how to ensure that customers are taken care of.

Have You Verified Your Vendors?

It’s best to exercise due diligence, despite how trustworthy a vendor looks. You don’t want to find out later on that your pressure washer is not properly licensed and bonded. So before you sign at the dotted line, make sure to check that they have the right licenses, insurance, and a valid contract for the job. It will save you problems later on when you have to wrap up the taxes and documentation requirements for this year.

Many HOAs will never sign a contract without first running it by their lawyer. There’s a good reason for that, too, given the way state laws and local regulations change every year. So, make sure you have an attorney to verify your vendor contract before you proceed.

Choose Pressure Washing Services to Save Time and Money

If you have a choice, choose pressure washing over manual cleaning of common areas like patios, decks, and building exteriors. The benefits of pressure washing services can end up saving you time and money in the long run. Plus, your residents will appreciate the thorough cleaning job that only professional pressure washers can bring to outdoor spaces.




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