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Located in Orange County, Anaheim has an estimated population of 346,824 residents. It is the most populous city in its county and is the 10th-most populous city in the entire state of California.

Anaheim is popular among young professionals because of the city’s thriving nightlife scene, diverse community, excellent weather, and a plethora of outdoor activities. The city is home to many attractions, including but not limited to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, the Anaheim Packing District, Angel Stadium, the Honda Center, Anaheim Gardenwalk, and Yorba Regional Park. All of these destinations also make it a great place to raise a family.

But, Anaheim is also known for its high cost of living and expensive housing. Despite this, the city boasts a healthy mix of renters and homeowners, with renters edging out homeowners only by a slight margin. Apart from that, Anaheim offers good public schools, a relatively easy commute, and decent job opportunities.


The Importance of an Association Management Company

California is home to thousands upon thousands of homeowners associations. In Anaheim, homeowners associations are often preferred by residents. Some of the homeowners associations in the city include Colony Park, Crown Pointe, and Anaheim Shores.

Homeowners tend to gravitate towards HOA communities because of the benefits they present. In addition to the use of common facilities such as fitness centers and pools, residents of an HOA also gain access to convenient services such as trash collection and landscaping. Homeowners associations also usually have a positive impact on the property values of a community. And, to any homeowner, property values matter.

Of course, HOA membership isn’t free. Homeowners must pay a monthly or annual fee (known as HOA dues), which the association uses to pay for common expenses. Exact amounts can differ from state to state, and even community to community, though the California average falls between $300 to $700. In more affluent neighborhoods, dues can go as high as $1,000 or more.

One of the common expenses these dues cover is professional Anaheim homeowners association management. In this city, many HOA boards hire a management company to run the community, leaving the board with big-picture decisions.


In Need of Anaheim, CA HOA Management?

There are many reasons why an HOA would want to hire a management company. For one thing, association boards usually lack sufficient time to devote to their duties. Additionally, board members don’t always possess the right expertise needed for successful HOA management.

An Anaheim association management company can provide several services, including but not limited to:

  • Communicating with homeowners, such as sending notices and fielding concerns
  • Maintaining common areas
  • Collecting HOA fees, including delinquent fees
  • Enforcing the rules in a uniform and consistent manner
  • Handling work order requests
  • Assisting with vendor selection and management
  • Generating financial reports
  • Assisting with budget preparation
  • Helping HOAs with tax filing
  • Providing legal counsel

But, finding an HOA management company that suits your association is never easy. If you want to partner with a trustworthy company that’s within your budget and addresses your needs, this is where you should start. Our comprehensive online directory has everything you need under one place.

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