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Located in Somerset County, Bernards Township has an estimated population of 27,038 residents. It is located near New York City and acts as its bedroom suburb. This means Bernards Township offers great residential homes close to the big city, where lucrative job opportunities and a thriving nightlife scene lie.

Bernards Township is much more than just a suburb, though. This township boasts highly-rated public schools, plenty of job opportunities, safe neighborhoods, and a diverse population. But, Bernards Township is a wealthier neighborhood, too, so the cost of living is rather high.

Beyond that, there are many points of interest in Bernards Township. These attractions include but are not limited to the Franklin Corners Historic District, Harry Dunham Park, the Devil’s Tree, the Kennedy-Martin-Stelle Farmstead, and the USGA Museum.


Why Homeowners Association Management Matters

Although houses are quite expensive in Bernards Township, most of its residents own their homes. Many residents live in homeowners associations, of which there are several in this bedroom suburb. These include Spring Ridge, Society Hill, and Hills Highlands.

New Jersey itself is experiencing a boom in homeowners associations. In fact, there are almost 7,000 HOAs in this state, which equates to 1.46 million people living in HOA communities. On average, homeowners pay $200 to $300 in monthly HOA dues. But, in more affluent neighborhoods like Bernards Township, that can climb up to $1,000 or more.

The popularity of HOAs can be attributed to the benefits they offer. For one thing, residents can use the common facilities that these HOAs maintain. Amenities and facilities can vary, though they generally include pools, tennis courts, clubhouses, fitness centers, golf courses, and private parks. Residents can also enjoy convenient services such as snow removal, landscaping, and garbage disposal.

But, HOA communities don’t manage themselves. Every HOA has a set of board members tasked with maintaining the community. More often than not, these boards outsource a majority of their duties to a Bernards Township homeowners association management company.


Bernards Township Condo Management

The United States offers no shortage of condominiums. In fact, there are over 30 million condo units in this country, most (if not all) of which belong in condo associations. Much like HOA management, condo association management is no walk in the park. Condo boards have to oversee a number of duties, including but not limited to common area maintenance, fees collection, and rule enforcement. More often than not, it is much easier to outsource the job to an HOA or condo management company.


On the Hunt for Bernards Township, NJ HOA Management Services?

An HOA management company is often essential to the success of a community. Although there are many things boards can do on their own, most aspects of HOA management require a high level of expertise. With an HOA management company, the board no longer needs to worry about dues collection, homeowner communication, maintenance management, vendor coordination, legal compliance, and rule enforcement.

It is important to find a good management company, though, that meets both your community’s needs and budget. To do that, you have to know where to start looking.

HOAManagement.com provides you with a helpfulĀ online directory. Using our directory, you can search for trustworthy HOA management companies, lawyers, and vendors to assist your community. Find the best Bernards Township association management company today!

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