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Located in Morris County, Chester Township has an estimated population of 7,670. It completely surrounds Chester Borough, which is home to about 1,624 residents.

Chester is known as an affluent township, with households earning an average income of over $160,000. This is more than double the average household income in the state. As such, housing prices and the cost of living are equally high. Residents enjoy living in Chester despite this. The township has a lot to offer, including safe neighborhoods, a decent nightlife scene, and excellent public schools.

Additionally, Chester is home to several parks and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Some of the most noteworthy parks in the township include Chubb Park, Tiger Brook Park, and Hacklebarney State Park.


Why Homeowners Association Management Matters

An overwhelming percentage of residents in Chester own their homes. In fact, even with a median home value of $644,600, only 5 percent of the township’s residents are renters. Out of the township’s homeowners, many belong to communities managed by homeowners associations.

There is no denying that New Jersey has experienced a rise in HOAs. There are nearly 7,000 HOAs in the state, and Chester Township is home to several as well. Homeowners often prefer to live in these communities because they offer a lot of benefits.

For instance, homeowners associations grant residents the use of common amenities, most of which are exclusive to members only. While no two HOAs are the same, these amenities often include gyms, pools, and clubhouses. Moreover, HOA communities also take care of a number of services, such as landscaping, snow removal, and garbage disposal.

To live in an HOA community, though, homeowners must pay a monthly fee. In New Jersey, average monthly HOA dues range from $200 to $300, though it can climb to $1,000 or higher for the more luxurious neighborhoods. HOAs then use these dues to pay for various expenses, which typically includes Chester homeowners association management services.

Professional HOA management is an asset to many communities. Not all HOA boards have the time or skills necessary for successful community management. For tasks that are more tedious or require a deeper level of expertise, the services of an HOA management company come in handy.


Chester Condo Management

More than 30 million condominium units exist today in the United States. Condo associations manage these units and common areas, but condo boards often require help, too. Just like an HOA community, condo associations have to enforce rules, collect dues, communicate with owners, and maintain the common areas. This is where an HOA management company can help.


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It is important to find an HOA management company that fits your budget and addresses your community’s needs. Unfortunately, the road to hiring one isn’t always easy. First, you must look at your available options.

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