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With an estimated 39,403 residents, Dover is the second-most populous city in Delaware. The city also functions as the state capital as well as the county seat of Kent County. It is home to Delaware State University and the Campus Community School.

In terms of arts and culture, Dover does not disappoint. Notable attractions in the city include the Schwartz Center for the Arts, the Kent County Theatre Guild, the Children’s Theatre, Inc. of Dover and Kent County, and the Delaware State Museum. Residents also enjoy an exciting nightlife scene, good weather, a moderate cost of living, and plenty of outdoor recreation.

Other points of interest in and near the city include the Delaware State Library, Delaware State Archives, the Sewell C. Biggs Museum of American Art, Silver Lake Park, Schutte Park, Dover Park, Air Mobility Command Museum, the Dover Motor Speedway, First State Heritage Park, Johnson Victrola Museum, and John Dickinson Plantation.


Understanding Homeowners Association Management

In Delaware, there are 2,000 homeowners associations. The city of Dover is no different, in that it also boasts a number of HOA communities. These include Kings Cliffe, the Hamlet Development, and Wyoming Mills. On average, Delaware HOA dues cost between $200 and $300. Though, in richer communities, dues can go as high as $1,000 or more.

In spite of having to pay association dues, many homeowners choose to live in HOA communities. This is chiefly because of the advantages these associations pose. For one thing, homeowners associations offer easy access to common facilities such as swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness centers, parks, and tennis courts. Homeowners also benefit from services like trash disposal, snow removal, and landscaping.

But, operating a homeowners association is a difficult undertaking. In fact, Dover association management requires a great amount of time and effort. As a result, many boards find themselves asking for assistance from a professional management company.


Dover Condo Management

Delaware is home to many condo associations, and Dover is no different. Some of the condos located in this city include English Village, Brandywine Court, and Gull Point. These condo associations function in much the same way as homeowners associations, which means they also need professional assistance from time to time.

Condo boards have to fulfill a number of duties, too, such as dues collection, maintenance, and rule enforcement. Fortunately, an HOA management company can also help with these aspects of condo management and more.


Finding the Best Dover, DE HOA Management Company

When you hire an HOA management company, you can rest easy knowing that most aspects of association management are carried out smoothly. With professional assistance, your board does not need to worry about dues collection, maintenance, homeowner communication, financial management, dispute resolution, and more.

But, it is typically hard to find the right HOA management company that matches your association. The search for the best company, though, always begins with the right resources. In this particular instance, the right resource is HOAManagement.com.

Our comprehensive online directory lets you look for trustworthy Dover homeowners association management companies, vendors, and lawyers. Search for a company that fits your needs, expectations, and budget without the trouble of skimming through endless pages of browser results. Start browsing today!

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