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Located in Shelby County, Germantown has an estimated population of 39,225 residents. A suburb of Memphis, Germantown hosts several annual events, including the Germantown Charity Horse Show and the Germantown Festival.

Germantown is a wonderful place to live in. The city boasts safe neighborhoods, great public schools, and plenty of outdoor activities, making it a great place to raise a family. Additionally, only 3.2% of residents live below the poverty line. This makes Germantown a pretty affluent community, with excellent job and housing opportunities.

Other than that, Germantown offers a good nightlife scene, a fairly diverse population, and great weather. Notable points of interest in the city include Shelby Farms Park, the Oaklawn Garden, Cameron Brown Park, Forgey Park, Howard McVay Park, and the Wolf River Nature Area.


Why Live in an HOA Community?

There are thousands upon thousands of homeowners associations in the United States. In Tennessee alone, homeowners associations are 4,880 strong. In Germantown, there are also many HOA communities, like Farmington Meadows, Maple Grove, and Poplar Grove. The average homeowner in Tennessee pays about $150 in association dues every month.

Some might wonder why people like living in homeowners associations if it comes with a payment. But, it is not like these homeowners don’t receive any benefits in exchange. What are the benefits of living in an HOA community?

  • Use of common amenities and facilities, ranging from swimming pools and fitness centers to clubhouses and tennis courts;
  • Access to convenient services like landscaping, common area maintenance, and trash collection;
  • Invitations to community events, giving neighbors a chance to get to know each other and foster a sense of community;
  • Enhanced curb appeal; and,
  • Better property values.

Although some associations are self-managed, many others choose to hire a Germantown homeowners association management company. Outsourcing to a management company removes the burden of work from the HOA board members, giving them more time to concentrate on critical decisions. It also ensures tasks are completed in a proper and timely manner.


In Need of Expert Germantown, TN HOA Management?

One of the wisest decisions an HOA board can make is to outsource association management to experienced professionals. With expert assistance, your board does not need to worry about community maintenance, dispute resolution, homeowner communication, financial management, dues collection, and other administrative work.

However, searching for the best Germantown association management company is often harder than it looks. You have to establish your needs as well as your budget. To get started in the right direction, you need to use a trusted resource.

Luckily, HOAManagement.com’s online directory contains reliable HOA management companies, vendors, and lawyers. Simply browse by city and state to narrow down your search. So, what are you waiting for? Look for a partner in HOA management today!

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