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Located in Upper Merion Township, King of Prussia is a census-designated place with an estimated population of 19,936. The area is known for its many office and retail spaces, as well as the King of Prussia Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in the country.

King of Prussia is a suburb of Philadelphia and is a great place to live in. This census-designated place boasts outstanding public schools, plenty of outdoor activities, a diverse population, and a thriving nightlife scene. There are also many good opportunities for jobs and housing. Though, it is worth noting that the area has a high cost of living.

Notable attractions in the area include the King of Prussia Town Center, Valley Forge Casino Resort, and Valley Forge National Historical Park.


The Importance of Association Management

Homeowners associations are popping up more and more across the United States. In Pennsylvania alone, there are almost 7,000 HOA communities. King of Prussia is no exception. Among the many HOAs here include Charlestowne, Copper Mill Station, and Court at Henderson. On average, homeowners pay between $200 to $300 a month in HOA dues.

Some might wonder why anyone would even want to live in HOA communities if it comes with a cost. But, association living does have its fair share of benefits. These include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Homeowners who live in HOA communities can use the many amenities in the neighborhood. Amenities can vary, but they generally include swimming pools, clubhouses, fitness centers, parks, and even tennis courts.
  • Associations offer convenient services to residents such as snow removal, garbage collection, and landscaping.
  • Consistent maintenance of common areas and enforcement of rules contribute to better curb appeal and higher property values.

Managing a community, though, isn’t so easy. HOA boards have to oversee common area maintenance, enforce covenants uniformly, and coordinate with vendors to provide valuable services. They also need to plan the budget, collect dues, and field homeowner concerns. For volunteer board members, it can all become too overwhelming.

This is where a King of Prussia homeowners association management company can help.


King of Prussia Condo Management

Condo management is also no easy feat. King of Prussia is home to many condo associations, and these associations often require the help of management professionals. An HOA management company typically handles both homeowners associations and condo associations. While there are dissimilarities in the way these two developments are managed, there is also a lot of overlap. Ease the burden of condo management and hire an HOA management company today.


Hire the Best King of Prussia, PA HOA Management Company

With an HOA management company, boards no longer need to worry about the day-to-day operations. Professionals can step in and assume most of the responsibilities. They can also assist the board in making informed decisions and staying compliant with the different laws that may apply to Pennsylvania HOAs.

When hiring a King of Prussia association management company, though, it’s important to start on the right path. In this case, that path begins with HOAManagement.com’s comprehensive online directory. Browse our site for HOA management companies, vendors, and lawyers today!

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